What are water filled barriers?

Water filled barriers are sturdy plastic barriers providing security and crowd or traffic control. They are often used on construction sites and at public events for safety and separation and around road works to guide traffic, provide temporary road blocks and protect pedestrians.

Why choose SafeSite for your water filled barriers?

 We offer a choice of water filled barriers, which are suitable for a wide range of applications and your specific requirements.
Manufactured from UV stabilised polythene, our water filled barriers create sturdy visible safety barriers quickly and easily.

Lightweight when empty, they can easily be stacked when not in use and transported around the UK in large quantities to be installed and filled on site when required.

Our water filled barriers are designed with a unique interlocking mechanism allowing the creation of a solid wall in a straight line, or to include left and right hand curves as required.

Available in an assortment of colours, the most popular water filled plastic barriers we supply are in red and white providing maximum visibility.

We can deliver multiple metres of water filled barriers at once and they can be installed quickly by just a two man team, saving you both time and money.

Once filled, our water filled barriers provide a strong, substantial barrier that meets all safety requirements for both construction sites and road works.

Our water filled barriers are also fitted with anti-tamper plugs to reduce the risk of vandalism and theft to ensure that once they are in place and filled, they’ll stay put.

As well as offering complete safety and protection, our water filled barriers are all completely reusable and extremely durable.

Available to buy or hire, when you are looking for water filled barriers for any short or long term project, one call to SafeSite Facilities is all you need. We can advise on the best water filled barrier system to fit your needs, supply and install the barriers in no time at all and remove and collect when they are no longer required, all at very competitive prices. Call us today for a free quote.