The high-quality durable ground protection systems provided by Safe Site Facilities can be used at several occasions when the ground or grass needs to be protected or in case a temporarily hazardous area has to be marked off. We offer different types of ground protection mats that can be used for varied purposes at residential, commercial, private, construction, parking and event sites.

If you need to create a highly visible temporary pedestrian pathway at a potentially hazardous site, our anti-slip clear path mats can be ideal for you. These mats are especially useful near car parking lots, event sites and road construction sites.

On the other hand, if you need to protect the ground from soil erosion or gravel migration while moving heavy equipment or loads, our EnduraGrid mats are ideal. These anti-slip guards with an interlocking design can easily support up to 44 tonnes of weight and easily allow grass to grow through.

If you want to create a stable and safe walking or driving area over loose earth or gravel for some event, you can take a look at our EnduraMat ground protection system. With quick interlocking connectors and an anti-slip surface, these migration-resistant panels are perfect for events.

All our ground protection systems are easy to install and transport. You can hire and purchase these mats from us. Afterwards, you can get our team of professionals to deliver, install and then recollect these mats regardless of your location in the UK. If you need more information on our ground protection systems, fill out our form and we will get in touch with you shortly.