What is temporary Heras fencing?

Temporary fencing can be used to secure property and construction sites from trespassers and to protect the public. Heras is one type of temporary fencing that is lightweight and quick and easy to install providing security and protection on building sites and at premises and events.

Why choose SafeSite Facilities for your temporary fencing?

Available to commercial and private customers, we regularly provide temporary security fencing for a whole host of applications. Most commonly it is used to secure building sites where materials need to be kept secure and the public need to be kept away for their own safety. It may also be used to secure the area around a building waiting to be demolished or at public events.

Temporary Heras fencing is able to resist gale force winds due to its view-through design and these fences can be supplied with both pedestrian and vehicle gates as required.

Our efficient team of installers are skilled in setting up temporary fencing, whether it’s a lightweight Heras solution which can be put in place very quickly or a more heavy duty temporary metal fencing.

Or you may prefer to set it up yourself. Whatever your needs, we offer advice on the most versatile temporary fencing systems for you. Call SafeSite Facilities to discuss your requirements.

Find out how fencing from SafeSite was successfully used for crowd control at the London 2012 Olympic Games and to secure a busy construction site in central London…