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Temporary Heras Fencing

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Heras is a type of temporary metal mesh fencing that is lightweight and quick and easy to install, providing security and protection on building sites and at premises and events. Temporary fencing is designed to be easily installed and dismantled, making it a flexible solution for short-term needs. It offers the advantage of being portable and reusable, allowing it to be used in multiple locations over time.

Temporary fencing refers to a type of fencing that is designed to be quickly installed and removed as needed. It is a versatile solution commonly used in construction sites, outdoor events, public spaces, and various other situations where temporary enclosure or crowd control is required.


The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) explains how the public should be protected against harm in its HSG-151 Protecting the Public Guidelines. The guidelines state that a 2m high fence which is made from a range of materials, (including metal mesh) is a suitable solution for perimeter protection. Fences should be difficult to climb and, so the HSE recommends using a close mesh which prevents children getting their hands and feet through so no one can gain handholds or footholds. Our temporary Heras fencing measures over 2m tall, is anti-climb and resistant to high winds.

Temporary fencing serves several purposes, including:

  • Security: It helps establish a physical boundary to prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas and protect valuable equipment or property.
  • Crowd control: Temporary fencing is commonly used to manage and direct the flow of people in events, concerts, festivals, or sports gatherings. It helps create designated areas and prevent overcrowding.
  • Safety: It can be used to create a barrier around hazardous areas, construction sites, or work zones to protect both workers and the public from potential dangers.
  • Privacy: Temporary fencing can provide a level of privacy by blocking the view of specific areas or activities from the outside.

We can also supply gates for pedestrians and vehicles which are compatible with our range of temporary fencing. We offer a range of products such as high visibility, concrete, rubber and water filled ballast blocks to add extra weight and security to secure your Heras fencing.


Temporary fencing is designed to be installed quickly and efficiently on a range of surfaces. Each panel slots into rubber feet and can be secured in place using a stabiliser or heavy duty block tray. Ballast can then be added (as per wind load calculations and requirements).

We can provide the system ready to install, or install the product on your behalf. Guidance on how best to install the product is available, please contact our sales team for more information.


Temporary fencing, or ‘Heras fencing’ as it is most commonly called, is designed to secure sites where materials need to be kept secure, and the public safe. It may also be used to secure the area around a building waiting to be demolished or at public events.

We were proud to provide temporary fencing for crowd control at the Olympic Games in London. Click here to view all our case studies, which are useful examples of how our products have been used by our customers.

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You can buy, or hire our temporary fencing. Whatever your requirements, our expert team is able to provide a solution. An equally effective solution for securing a boundary temporarily is steel hoarding which you can fit in feet, or using block trays to remain flush with the floor.  We can advise on the best system to fit your needs and we offer nationwide delivery and installation. Contact us today for a free quote.

Useful information

Heras fence panels are a quick and efficient way to create a boundary,  In addition to temporary fencing you also have the option to buy or hire water-filled barriers or concrete barriers – with mesh fence panels. The added benefit is an in build ballast and in many cases crash test and wind-test certifications. Learn more about our water-filled barriers with fencing by clicking here >>

Protecting the public: Your Next Move – HSG151

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