What are mobile lighting towers?

Mobile lighting towers are a temporary, portable lighting solution, offering increased visibility for a range of outdoor and industrial site applications, including mining, roadworks, construction projects and open-air events.

Why choose mobile lighting towers from SafeSite Facilities?

✓ All the lighting towers we supply are robust, reliable and safe. If you choose a lighting tower from SafeSite Facilities you’ll find it powerful and efficient.

✓ We offer two of the best temporary lighting solutions available on the market, both of which guarantee an illuminated area of 3800 sqm and which automatically activate once the sensors detect dim lighting.

✓ Our X-ECO mobile lighting towers have a number of environmental benefits and safety aspects. The units features an external emergency stop button, a fully-bunded fuel tank, four height adjustable stabilisers and site levels for guidance during deployment. The energy saving LED lamps will work for up to 50,000 hours so you don’t have to worry about replacing bulbs, lamp glass, ballast or capacitors; helping to reduce call-out costs.

✓ The technology in the lighting units allows for maximum fuel efficiency and reliability with a built-in generator run-time of 200 hours.

✓ Our deluxe model, mains-powered lighting tower is ideally suited for onsite work.

✓ We can offer lighting towers for sale or hire depending on your purchase requirements.

✓ Thanks to one of the most compact footprints on the market, you can place 14 units on a single, standard vehicle.

If you are looking for a lighting tower for your outdoor project, development site or special event, contact us today for a no obligation, competitive quotation.