What is a Chapter 8 barrier system?

Chapter 8 barriers are so-called owing to their conformance, when used as recommended, with the standards set out in the Traffic Signs Manual and the New Roads & Street Works Act. Chapter 8 systems offer very versatile barrier options and can be used for traffic and pedestrian control and warning.

Why choose Chapter 8 barriers from SafeSite Facilities?

Our Chapter 8 barrier systems offer the go-to solution for temporary road closures, providing a combination of a highly visible construction and finish for warning purposes, along with durable and robust safety barrier features including:

✓ Reflective panels and a choice of colours for maximum visibility

✓ Non-permanent fixing, making them easy to reposition

✓ A linking pin system or plastic clips to join individual barriers together

✓ The option of standard or anti-trip feet

✓ Stability in a range of environmental conditions

✓ A lightweight design, making them ideal for fast assembly in emergency situations, Chapter 8 barriers can be stacked for easy storage and transportation.