The Importance of Waste Management for Your Food Hygiene Rating

Rubbish spilling over bin

What is the Food Standard Agency’s food hygiene rating scheme? The Food Standard Agency’s food hygiene rating scheme provides members of the public with information about businesses’ food hygiene standards. The scheme, which is run in partnership with local authorities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, gives businesses a rating from 5 to 0 which is displayed at their premises and online so that the public can make an informed choice about where to eat out and shop for food….

How to Form a Safe and Orderly Queue at Your Venue

Police Pedestrian Barrier Two Units Joined Together

Whether it’s waiting for a bus on a rail replacement day, joining the throng of passengers at passport control or in line outside the nearest Apple store on the eve of their next iPhone release, there’s nothing we Brits like more than forming an orderly queue. Researchers at University College London have even published an academic report on the subject. Image credit: Brits have got it down to such a fine art that they have even been known to…

Use of Drones in the Construction Industry

drone for survey and security in construction industry

The use of drones in construction is an industry innovation which is really taking off. There are many site tasks which a drone can facilitate with greater speed and accuracy yet much less expense than traditional methods. So, how exactly can drones be used in construction, and what’s the future trajectory for using them in the industry? What’s a drone? A drone is a recognisable aircraft, usually of compact design but variable in size – from the size of a…

7 of the Best Construction Hoarding Designs

creative, designer hoardings

Construction hoardings have been around for a number of years, and we’re all so used to them being there that we almost don’t see them anymore: unless they’re of the drab eye-sore kind which, if you’re a resident close to a building site, you end up looking out upon week after week. Because unless hoardings offer some level of camouflage which helps them blend into their setting, high-visibility warnings to help improve safety and security or are covered in relevant…

Safety and Sustainability First: How to Organise a Building Site

worker, construction, safety

An organised building site is a safer building site, not least because the planning and compliance behind robust organisation and site management generally mirrors the planning, risk-minimisation, and attention to detail required to facilitate compliance in health and safety for workers, visitors and the passing public. But where do you start when it comes to getting a building site up and running for optimum safety and productivity? It can be helpful to know the key areas involved as ensuring these…

Areas Most at Risk of Flooding in the UK

UK flooding

The good news is that 2017 saw just about average rainfall when worked out across the whole year (MET office statistics), so no rising rainfall to worry about … or is there? As we all know, sometimes it doesn’t just rain, it pours and, despite statistics which demonstrate average rainfall when measured across a year, the UK frequently sees deluges which deliver rapidly rising water levels in some areas, in very short timescales. These episodes of wet weather can cause…

Temporary Fencing – Your Options and Our Recommendations

Heavy Duty Temporary Anti-climb Fencing

Temporary fencing has many options – in design as well as deployment. What makes temporary fencing the go-to barrier system for deployment in many situations is the surprising portability and quick, simple installation most temporary systems offer, ensuring safe, efficient deployment even in emergency situations. But what are your options for getting the right temporary fencing range to suit your situation and location? Temporary Heras fencing Heras fencing consists of a footer system, plus fence panel. Standard fence panels offer…

Where to Use Turtlegate Barriers

Turtle Gate Barrier In Use

Public safety is important and there are times when quickly deploying solutions for public safety issues can be essential.  Turtlegate barriers, the practical and highly portable barrier provides many solutions for crowd management, controlling pedestrian and street traffic and can be used indoors and outdoors across a range of situations and purposes. Hold the elevator! The easy width expansion and control of Turtlegates means they have created their own niche when it comes to lift repair. Whether elevators are single width…

Comparing Sandbags with Plastic Flood Barriers

Flood defence barrier 500mm deployment

As the seasons change and wet weather descends on the UK, it’s time to be proactive about flood defence. As highlighted by the National Environment Research Council (NERC), UK winters are becoming significantly warmer and wetter, as clearly demonstrated across the many areas of the UK which suffered extreme flooding throughout  the winter of 2016-2017. An added complication occurs when, as in many areas of the UK, homes have been built on flood plains. Removal of natural barriers such as…

Which Safety Barriers Should be Used on Race Tracks?

Which Safety Barriers Should be Used on Race Tracks?

Race meetings offer great excitement … but to organisers, promoters, driver teams and spectators alike, track-side thrills also mean track-side spills and a high level of risk! On the edge of a problem The edge of a racetrack is a risky place – from the hazard of high-speed impact of errant vehicles, or from being ‘in the way’ of a collision between vehicles. The track edge is also the demarcation of a buffer zone, to protect spectators too from the…