The Brief:

We were approached by our customer, a construction company, to help them secure the perimeter during the initial stages of development of a 52-apartment senior living complex. The build is taking place in a carpark which is partially still being used as customer parking for a local supermarket. As such, it was important that the client had a high visibility solution which clearly indicates which areas can still be used by drivers and pedestrians.


The Solution:

Our team supplied 150 x SafeSite SlotBlock Barriers with fence panels. These high visibility barriers are the only water-filled barriers that are compatible with a standard mesh fence panel. In addition, they can bed rotated 45 degrees, offering versatile layouts. The barriers were laid out to mark the perimeter of the site as well as creating pedestrian walkways and giving the public a clear indication of where they can still drive and park.




The Outcome:

We were able to provide delivery within three days of the order being placed. As per the customer’s request, equipment was delivered in two loads using an artic with a forklift. The customer’s site remains secure with the perimeter clearly visible to drivers and pedestrians.


Customer Comments:

“Many thanks for all the information and we will certainly be dealing with you again in the future. We will be in touch a.s.a.p., and thanks for all your help so far.”


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