Pedestrian barriers are used at a number of different locations for security and privacy concerns. Their affordability, ease-of use and quality make them an instant go-to-option when it comes to setting parameters around an area. At SafeSite Facilities, we offer different types of pedestrian barriers for sale or hire, for use around private sites, construction sites or alongside roads for pedestrian safety.

You can get pedestrian barriers in two different sizes: 2.3m and 3.5m, available to buy or hire all across the UK. Our pedestrian barriers boast the highest quality as they are made to ensure strength and durability. We also use the famous Smartweld technology to further fortify our creations. Firm footing and interlocking design also set apart our barriers from other offerings in the market. In short, these barriers can work perfectly while directing foot traffic in a calm and safe manner.

SafeSite Facilities can provide you with the pedestrian barriers of your choice at any location you want in the UK. We offer these barriers to both hire or buy, delivering and installing them at your specified site conveniently. For those buying these barriers, rest assured that they are easy to restack and transport.

So if you want to get a look at our barriers up-front or need an urgent delivery, simply fill out the form provided and our representative will give you a call promptly.