The Health and Safety Executive estimates that fatal accidents in the construction industry are almost double the average of other sectors with separate incidents and injuries accounting for approximately 2.2 million lost working days each year.

It’s no surprise then that construction site safety and security is a high priority for companies concerned about the wellbeing of their workforce and passers-by. Increasingly, construction security is also an important consideration for site operators who must comply with health and safety legislation around unauthorised entry onto building sites.

Construction sites may be a target for a number of security breaches, including theft, vandalism, and even terrorism:

Theft – building sites can offer high rewards for opportunistic thieves, due to the value of machinery, materials and equipment kept on site.

Vandalism – this may occur either because of an offender’s personal, political or commercial motivations or simply out of a mindless desire to cause damage.

Terrorism – terrorist attacks on construction sites may be politically motivated in order to prevent or delay building work, or to cause destruction once building work is completed.

Due to the fast pace of work carried out on construction sites, building site security is an ongoing challenge. This is not only due to the value of the property they contain but the constant access required for multiple contractors to carry out their work on site.

We know that every construction site will differ in terms of its location, size, type and duration of work, so there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to site safety and security. That’s why, if you’re a site operator, its important you engage with a company like us who understands your unique challenges and can provide the right construction site security services for your project.

There are a number of solutions when it comes to construction site security – from alarms and CCTV cameras to monitor your site around the clock to construction site barriers, safety fencing and timber hoarding to secure the site’s perimeter.

All of our construction site safety and security products are available to buy or hire, nationwide. Our experienced team of security professionals can also provide alarm and CCTV monitoring 24 hours a day.

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