At a building or road construction site, there are high chances that vehicles and pedestrians can get harmed due to unstable construction, loose material or some debris. To avoid all these potential accidents, it is important that a protective parameter be created around a construction site to warn people of potential hazards ahead and keep them away. At SafeSite Facilities, we have different types of protective construction site barriers that can be used effectively to keep people and vehicles away.

If you are trying to protect a small area where repairs have been made, you can use our Avlon barriers with the interlocking design to mark off that area. On the other hand, you can keep off vehicles from a road construction site with our concrete barriers. Our pedestrian barriers can be effectively used for creating a temporary walkway for construction site workers, keeping them out of danger’s way. Our water-filled barriers can be used to keep other pedestrians away from a construction site by highlighting a perimeter.

Depending on what your particular needs are, you can select a construction site barrier from SafeSite Facilities. Our team of professional will deliver and install these barriers at your site and even collect them too if you decide to rent than hire them. Regardless of where you are in the UK, rest assured that we will deliver your barriers. Just fill out our form if you need more information and our representative will call you back at the earliest.