Whether your priority is anti-climb security or heavy duty durability, Safe Site Facilities offer a full range of construction site safety fencing, for hire or purchase across the UK.

Key features

  • Fully galvanised, durable fence panels
  • Rapid deployment
  • Anti-climb mesh
  • Round top option available
  • Speedy installation, assembly and repositioning
  • Relatively lightweight for easy transportation and storage
  • Easy stacking

Fencing panels

Our fences are fit-for-purpose across a range of specifications:

  • Anti-climb fencing panels – 2 m (height) x 3.5 m (width), weight 13.8 kg.
  • Heavy duty anti-climb fencing panels – 2 m (height) x 3.5 m (width), weight 15.9 kg.
  • Heavy duty round top anti-climb fencing panels – 2 m (height) x 3.5 m (height), weight 16 kg.

All our construction site safety fences incorporate a mesh design, proven to offer enhanced security in comparison to other temporary fencing. Coupled with a range of footing types and accessories to address various weather, environmental or site-specific factors, our site safety fences can be deployed successfully to suit most construction, safety and control requirements.

Anti-climb features

Safe Site Facilities’ Heras anti-climb fence panels offer anti-climb mesh, offering improved strength and a proven climbing deterrent. The additional option of round-top fencing panels offers extra strength and an enhanced anti-climb design, whilst all of our construction site fencing offers a highly durable galvanised finish.

Versatile and portable

All our fence panels are versatile and can be deployed to create complete barrier systems, which can also incorporate gates and access points suitable for a range of purposes, including:

  • Construction site barriers
  • Event fencing
  • Pedestrian and crowd control
  • Boundary control

The non-permanent installation methods offered allows these fence panels to be quickly installed for emergency deployment or repositioning to secure hazardous or vulnerable areas.

Long term and low cost

Although suitable for quick deployment, the galvanised steel construction of Safe Site Facilities construction site safety fencing is robust enough to withstand all weathers and to provide long operational life, offering significant value for money when used long-term. For short-term or one-off events, our fencing hire service affords a safety-conscious but low-cost option which includes delivery to all parts of the UK.