The following case studies highlight some of the recent projects carried out by Safe Site Facilities. If you have any questions regarding any of the case studies listed below please feel free to contact us. Or if you're a customer of ours, please feel free to submit a product review.

Blocking Loading Bay with RB22 Barriers – London

RB22 barriers blocking loading bay

The Brief: Our client needed to have a loading bay blocked off next to a busy main road in London Marylebone. The loading bay was outside a popular museum, meaning foot traffic would also be particularly heavy. The client needed a safe area to be cordoned off so works on the roof of the museum could take place, preventing parking by road users and contractors needing to unload.   The Solution: The team deployed highly visible water filled RB22 water…

Mobile Lighting Towers and Perimeter Fencing – Madehurst Big Night Out

Madehurst Big Night Out

The Brief: Our customer required perimeter security fencing for Big Night Out, a popular music festival which took place at Madehurst Cricket Club. Their purpose for contacting Safe Site was to secure the perimeter to avoid unwanted entry and provide additional security measures for the site.   The Solution: We provided 600 metres of Heavy Duty Anti-Climb Fencing to secure the perimeter of the event as well as 100 metres of Chapter 8 Safe Site Gate Barriers for the demarcation…

Graffiti Removal – Southall, London

graffiti on wall

The Brief: We were contacted by a maintenance company working for a well-known retailer. The side of the retailer’s building in Southall had been vandalised and needed graffiti removal services ASAP.   The Solution: One of our dedicated clearance and cleaning teams was on site within 24 hours of receiving the customer’s call. With the use of a jet washer and one of our specially formulated removal formulas, the graffiti was removed quickly and efficiently. The Outcome: The unsightly graffiti…

Property Clearance and Needle Sweep – Stoke on Trent

clearance needle sweep before

The Brief: Our customer, a landlord in Stoke on Trent, recently had to evict their tenant. Upon entering the property, they found it was full of rubbish, including drug paraphernalia.    The Solution: Our team carried out a needle sweep to remove all sharps and eliminate the risk of infection. They then removed and disposed of the carpets and all rubbish from the property, excluding electrical goods as per the customer’s request. The Outcome: The property was decontaminated and cleared…

SafeMat Ground Protection – Chichester

safemat - ground protection mats through gate

The Brief: A local school was completing building works on the main building, requiring lessons to be moved to temporary classrooms. In order to access the temporary classrooms, students were required to walk across a muddy field. The school required a solution that would allow safe pedestrian access.   The Solution: Our team supplied and installed SafeMat ground protection, creating a pedestrian walkway across the field. These mats have a unique non-slip surface, helping to reduce health and safety risks….

Convenience Store Temporary Steel Hoarding – Rugby

Rugby steel hoarding 3

The Brief: Our customer, a building company, was undertaking regeneration work outside of a convenience store in Rugby. The work was being completed on the side of the building and required the closure of the public footpath. They needed a solution that would close off the work area from the public while also ensuring their operatives would be protected from potential wayward vehicles. The Solution: We supplied and installed 22 metres of temporary steel hoarding along with a 1 metre…

SafeSite SlotBlock Barriers with Fencing – Waltham Abbey

Slotblock Water Filled Barrier with Fence

The Brief: We were approached by our customer, a construction company, to help them secure the perimeter during the initial stages of development of a 52-apartment senior living complex. The build is taking place in a carpark which is partially still being used as customer parking for a local supermarket. As such, it was important that the client had a high visibility solution which clearly indicates which areas can still be used by drivers and pedestrians. Before: The Solution: Our…

Sharps & Squatter Clearance – Weymouth

Sharps & Squatter Clearance – Weymouth

The Brief: Squatters had overtaken the area behind our customer’s vacant commercial property, leaving behind rubbish, human waste and sharps. The Solution: Our team completed a needle sweep and human waste removal. The area was then cleared of all general rubbish. To ensure the area remained secure, anti-climb, temporary fencing was installed. The fence panels were bolted to the walls to prevent tampering.   The Outcome: The area is now clear of waste with security measures in place to prevent…

Ground Protection & Temp Fencing – Brighton Beach

Ground protection and temporary fencing

The Brief: Our customer, an international events company, was hosting a large scale event on Brighton Beach which required a generator. They contacted us to help them ensure the generator would be secure, as well as minimizing any health and safety risks the generator could pose to those attending the event. The Solution: Our team installed SafeMat ground protection, an ideal product for usage on soft or sensitive ground, to ensure the generator would have a stable surface to sit…

Graffiti Removal – Canary Wharf, London

Graffiti Removal Before - London

The Brief: An office building under the care of our customer, a maintenance company, was vandalised with graffiti. The vandalism spanned across three large windows as well an exterior wall. Before:   The Solution: As the graffiti was on three types of surfaces; glass, metal and marble, two different types of specially formulated graffiti removal sprays were employed to ensure none of the surfaces were damaged during the removal process. The Outcome: Within two days of the customer confirming they…