Used by no shortage of UK properties for security and privacy, timber fencing is a valid option for all property owners. Whether you’re just looking for a post and panel fence for a garden or you need an open post and rail fence to fence off an entire field, timber is affordable, strong and less aesthetically detrimental than metal alternatives.

Available timber fencing includes closeboard wooden fencing, which is available in heights up to 3 metres and typically used in gardens and fields to discourage trespassers and maintain the privacy of those inside the perimeter. Panel fencing is a cost-effective alternative commonly used in domestic settings: it is built less strongly than closeboard fencing, but contributes a more inviting ambience. This said, wooden fences lend any plot a rural feel by virtue of being made of a natural material.

Safe Site Facilities stocks numerous styles of timber fencing and can deliver and install any fence to you wherever you are in the UK. We offer timber, concrete and metal posts for relevant products, and can bring over 25 years of experience to bear on any issue you are having with security, safety and privacy on your property.