Concrete barriers and blocks are a simple and effective way to secure your premises against unauthorised access by trespassers. They are also suitable for controlling traffic flows, securing building sites and shielding road works, protecting both the passing public and workforce within.

SafeSite Facilities offer concrete barriers for sale and concrete barrier hire across the UK, with next day delivery available.

Concrete barrier blocks or jersey barriers are a simple and effective way to secure your empty premises against unwelcome visits from trespassers, vandals, fly tippers and travellers. Concrete security barriers may be placed across the access to a property, or around the perimeter to block vehicular access. We provide concrete sleepers in either 1.5m,  2.5m or 3m lengths, which can be bolted together with our state of the art interlocking system to create a virtually impenetrable concrete barrier.

Temporary concrete road barriers are a useful tool in traffic management, to safely control traffic flows. Concrete safety barriers are a common sight in car parks, used to define entry and exit lanes and to protect traffic from straying into oncoming lanes. Concrete road barriers may be used to secure building sites and road works, protecting both the passing public and workforce within.

The integral properties of concrete barricades make them the safety barrier of choice in a number of scenarios. The immense weight of a concrete step barrier can be used in earth retention to safely prevent landslides. Concrete safety barriers can provide a solid barrier around water hazards or other dangerous areas.

As concrete barrier suppliers, SafeSite Facilities are able to deploy concrete security blocks in a matter of hours, to ensure your site remains safe and protected. Our concrete barriers may be personalised with your company logo to maintain a strong presence, or enhanced with the addition of anti climb fencing for additional security.

For all your concrete block and jersey barrier requirements call SafeSite Facilities today.


Concrete barrier FAQs:

Concrete barriers have numerous applications. They are typically used to provide temporary road blocks to stop vehicular access, to direct traffic flow, and to assist with road-side risk management. Concrete barriers can also be used to prevent access to vacant sites, block farm gateways, for flood defence and earth retention, and to create storage bays for flammable bulk goods and materials. Concrete blocks can also be used for counterbalancing loads on lorries and cranes.

Concrete Jersey barriers are heavy duty interlocking blocks that provide high level security and protection whilst allowing sections to be easily removed and re-positioned should access be required.

Datasheets containing all technical specifications for our concrete barriers can be downloaded from the specific product pages

We are usually able to provide a next-day delivery service on all our concrete barriers and blocks.

Our concrete barriers and blocks weigh from 500kg to 4700kg, depending on the size required.

Our concrete barriers and Legato™ concrete blocks are available in a wide range of sizes, from 400mm to 4m in in length, weighing in from 500kg to 4.7 tonnes.

Our Legato™ concrete blocks are available in a wide range of sizes starting from 400mm in length.

Yes we do. Concrete barriers can be used time and time again across sites. When you have finished using our barriers we can offer you a ‘buy back’ option.

Concrete barriers are installed using heavy lifting equipment, such as a forklift, telehandler or crane (including lorry-mounted). The best option depends on the weight of the barriers, site access and space.

Yes. Please contact us to request these.

Concrete barriers are connected together at the join using M24 diameter threaded sockets and high-tensile bolts, fixed using a ratchet. Concrete barriers can also be fixed to the road surface using anchor plates bolted to the underside of the barriers.

Yes, we offer a range of precast TVCBs, which have special grooves cut into the top to incorporate an anti-climb fence panel for increased security. Concrete barriers with fencing are commonly used around a site or vacant property to provide a secure boundary.

Concrete barriers can be arranged in a wide variety of configurations including straight and curved applications.

We have images of previous installations and some technical drawings if needed. Please contact us today for more information

The largest concrete barrier we have available is a 4m barrier weighing 4.7 tonnes. You can also join together our large Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCBs) to create one continuous concrete barrier. These pre-cast, superior concrete barriers interlock using high tensile bolts providing robust anti-tampering, weather-resistant security.

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