Full planning, design and install services are available for all hoarding types

If you want to keep your construction site safe from intruders, having dependable hoardings installed around the area can be an ideal solution for you to create a safe perimeter around your site. Safe Site Facilities offers you different types of construction site hoarding panels that you can install around your worksite for the complete safety and security of your site and the pedestrians who come near it.

To boost the level of security around your site perimeters, opt for our affordable free-standing metal hoarding. They are compatible with our mesh fencing and other accessories, providing a comprehensive security system for your property.

Another option you can go for is our wooden hoardings, which are tailor-made from ethically sourced timber for every site. They can easily accommodate gates for pedestrians and vehicles, and come with in-ground and free-standing options.

You can also get our water-filled construction hoarding systems that come with a freestanding, interlocking structure and are compatible with gates for vehicles and pedestrians. A sturdy plastic reservoir at the bottom and a heavy-duty steel barrier at the top make these barriers safe and sturdy around construction sites.

You can hire or purchase our construction hoarding as you see fit. Afterwards, trust us to deliver and install them for you regardless of your location across the UK. For more information, fill out our form and a representative from Safe Site Facilities will call you back at the earliest.


Construction Site Hoarding FAQs:

Section 164 of the Highways Act 1980 states that razor wire on land adjoining a public highway must be installed 2.4 metres above the ground and ‘must not cause a nuisance to humans or animals using the highway’. Appropriate signage should be displayed warning the public that razor wire is in place. 

Dig in timber hoarding can be as high as you like, within reason. We’ve installed 6m height hoarding previously, although the cost rises significantly over 2400mm height as wind loading increases exponentially.

The dimensions of our free-standing hoarding varies depending on the design. Typically the panels are 2400mm (height) with a 1200kg concrete block placed every 1800mm. Total depth of the hoarding is normally 1200mm, but different ballast can be used if space is a problem.

The dimensions of our standard panels in our steel hoarding system are 2100mm (width) x 2400mm (height). Each panel weighs 40kg. However, the 2000mm height panels are more popular as the wind loading is a lot lower, meaning less ballast needed.

Securing construction sites with fencing or hoarding is not just about keeping intruders out; it is also essential for ensuring the safety of the general public passing by. The need for secure fencing or hoarding around construction sites is made clear within The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, introduced by the Health and Safety Executive’s Construction Division.  

Our wooden hoarding is available as C16/24 grade timber, softwood ply sheets or hardwood ply sheets, available in a range of thicknesses to ensure maximum reliability.

We respond to all enquiries in under 30 mins on average and can often provide a quote after collecting some details from you. If a site visit is required then we’d normally allow 1-2 days to get a quote to you.

All of our timber is ethically sourced from sustainable forests around the world, which are both FSC and PEFC approved.

Yes, we can provide you with a quotation to supply and install our any of our hoarding products, anywhere in the UK. 

Our timber hoarding is only available for purchase, but all of our other hoarding products are available to buy or hire, including PVC hoarding.

Our team of specialists will be able to advise how much hoarding your project will require. Contact us today for no-obligation professional advice.

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