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Which Type of Water Filled Barrier Will Work for You?

Water-filled barriers are the ideal go-to for all kinds of safety, security, demarcation and pedestrian and traffic guidance. The fact that they are also light and easy to store, transport and install across all kinds of terrain, whilst providing robust stability once filled with water, makes them additionally suitable for all kinds of use.

However, from the variety of water filled barrier systems available, working out which system will work best for you may depend on the work you need it to do…

Speedy, temporary safety and security

Rota Block and Firmus Barrier

One of the great features of water-filled barriers is that they are very quick and easy to deploy, reposition and remove without requiring drilling or heavy duty tooling. So, if a quick and easy foundation for security fencing, or low level demarcation is needed …

Rota Block Mini – small in size but stable on the ground, the Rota Block Mini series is essential for supporting fences and footways, particularly where other support may offer a trip hazard or be too large for narrow spaces. Designed to accommodate various fence lengths securely, the smaller footprint of this system allows quick and easy temporary deployment across all types of terrain, including uneven ground. It also allows corners to be accommodated easily and securely.

High-speed protection

Safesite RB22 WFB

When it comes to working on major roads, highway maintenance can be high risk. Even where restricted speed zones apply, 50mph can still be fatal for road users and workers, so any barriers being used should offer additional protection against speed:

RB22 Crash Barriers provide protection for speeds up to 50 mph, with a fully crash tested design and approval for use in such areas, in compliance with BS EN1317-N1. The fact the system offers water-filled protection means RB22 is light to transport, stable in situ and can be less threatening to life than concrete in the event of an errant vehicle crashing into the barrier. Installation and redeployment across phases of work is also much easier as there’s no need for heavy duty tools or machinery to fix it into place.

Lower speed guidance, protection and perimeters


Where higher speed protection isn’t the main requirement, but protection and guidance is still needed for vehicles or you need your water-filled barriers to manage the slower pace of pedestrian flow, then there are additional options:

  • Evo Road Barriers are available from 1 to 2 metres long, with variable lengths in between and height options of up to 800mm. Ideal for separating lower speed traffic from pedestrians, or guiding flow for slow moving traffic and pedestrians alike at outdoor events, Evo Road barriers are available in industry stalwarts red and white to allow high-visibility and warning enhancement, whilst custom colour options are also available.
  • Euro Barriers provide a wider and taller alternative to Evo barriers. Still with 1 and 2 metre lengths, Euro barriers offer a 650mm height and 550mm width so that the innovative interlocking design creates gapless pivoting around turns and bends and can even be used to create S shapes. The design of this system is also compatible with post and plank safety systems, making them ideal for construction perimeter protection, including on roadsides.

Heavy Duty barriers

GB2 Barriers at Battersea Power Station

Although many basic barriers can be used in lots of different areas, where speed-protection, stability, security and safety are equal concerns, then barrier protection can be enhanced by using heavy duty barriers:

  • RB1000 Barriers are ideal for deployment in busy and heavy use areas, such as construction sites, industrial areas, distribution zones, tracks and traffic flow, the design of RB1000 barriers offers advanced locking, with a flat wall surface so that no gaps or protrusions occur in circuit perimeters. With a large size, water-filled stability is available, whilst sand can also be used for filling, to achieve additional ballast and impact resistance.
  • GB2 Barriers – when heavy duty stability and high visibility is needed for crowd control and roadside re-routing for pedestrians, GB2 barriers are a good choice. With a relatively light weight facilitating fast installation, GB2 runs provide highly visible support for public safety, with additional height and versatility gained through adding hoardings, fencing and pedestrian or vehicular gates.

Enhanced security options

SiteWall3 (1)

  • Site Wall Barriers are ideal for site perimeter marking and security as, when when fitted with the optimum mesh fence panels, Site Wall barriers provide a full 2 meter height security. This system offers many types of deployment options – easily interlocking to provide the full protection of continuous runs, yet also accommodating corners with no reduction to the robustness of the run. Filling with water or sand is optional, making these barriers additionally suitable on sites where water is not readily available.
  • Rhino Barriers – when security means safety, the Rhino barrier is a popular choice. With particular applications for hazardous areas, such as construction sites, motorways and high traffic areas, the system provides gapless joins and turns and uncompromised strength, Rhino barriers come in standard or restraint options for maximum versatility and deployment options.

Low base, high resistance

RB2000 London (6)

  • For areas where wind resistance is a must, the low-base SafeSite SlotBlock Barrier System offers optimum performance. Specifically compatible with standard mesh panels, the SlotBlock combination system offers superior wind resistance and flexible deployment options. With high visibility colours, additional reflective strips and lighting as optional extras, this system offers enhanced visibility in the worst of weather conditions.
  • The 2000 Barrier System is another option which offers a low base but incredible stability and resistance to movement – whether from weather, vandals or vibration. As such, the 2000 offers a go-to barrier alternative to traffic cones for delineation and separation.

To top it off

All systems in our water-filled barrier ranges come with options for topping off the barriers with compatible panels. These too are manufactured to provide plenty of choice and versatility for a range of uses, such as mesh top fence panels to prevent climbing and risk from debris and detritus flying up from roads, to reflective top panels for additional visibility and safety for road users and pedestrians alike.

Additionally, for those heavy duty barriers, hoarding top panels are also available, providing greater height and complete screening, to enhance security through privacy and to minimise distraction.

With so many options, trying out several systems across different projects and terrains can be the ideal way to find out which type of water-filled barrier best suits your needs. However, there’s no need to splash out on buying water-filled barriers whilst you’re still researching … all water filled barriers available from SafeSite Facilities can be hired, as well as purchased, often with next day delivery across the UK.

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