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Kentledge & Ballast

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Ballast and kentledge is to be used in combination with a variety of different fencing, hoarding and safety barrier systems. Using ballast increases the weight and improves the stability and wind loading for your sites perimeters.

What Ballast to choose?

Equipped with a retroflective sleeve, our cones serve as essential markers for road safety, ensuring high visibility day or night. These markers effectively guide and alert individuals in range of settings, acting a invaluable tool for traffic management.


Concrete Ballast Block

Concrete Ballast

Concrete ballast provides the maximum density among available options. Its substantial weight and uncomplicated construction make it a robust and straightforward choice for stabilizing fences in windy conditions. Despite its weight reaching up to 50kg, two people can still easily move the ballast.

Our concrete blocks are available either as plain blocks or with a plastic-coated option. The plastic coating serves as a high-visibility protective shell, guaranteeing the block’s integrity by preventing breakage from multiple drops or exposure to cold temperatures.

For heavier weighted kentledge on your temporary fencing or hoarding Concrete Barriers can be used.

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Rubber Ballast

Widely employed in temporary fencing applications, rubber fence feet stand out as a versatile ballast option, serving both the installation and enhancing the wind resistance of the fencing. These feet come in both high-visibility and standard rubber options.

Drop blocks represent another rubber-based ballast alternative utilised to anchor pedestrian fencing and street work barriers. Offering a simpler and more aesthetically pleasing solution compared to conventional sandbags, they present a quick and easy option for ballast.

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Rota Block

Water Filled Ballast

Water filled ballast provides a excellent substitute for concrete and rubber options because they can be initially positioned in place when empty and later filled to increase their weight. This advantage is particularly beneficial when transporting bulk concrete blocks is impractical at your site. We provide a variety of water filled alternatives that are compatible with both our hoarding and fencing solutions.



Applications of Ballast

TFS100730 Hi Vis Concrete Block with fence

Fencing & Hoarding

Our ballast plays a crucial role in anchoring and enhancing the wind resistance of our temporary fencing and hoarding. We provide a range of stabilizers and ballast tray options that are suitable for your chosen ballast. The quantity of ballast needed depends on site-specific factors such as location, proximity to people, and the presence of moving vehicles. If you need assistance determining the appropriate amount of ballast for your project, feel free to reach out to our sales team.


Drop ballast block on metal fence

Pedestrian Fencing

At certain venues and sites, varying weather conditions may necessitate additional stability for pedestrian barriers. Our range of ballast solutions allows you to promptly enhance overall stability, providing increased protection against high winds.

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