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Benefits of Reinforced Concrete Barriers

From creating temporary designated areas, facilitating traffic or pedestrian flow control to providing security, concrete barriers offer a variety of uses suited to a range of projects or events. Particularly in areas where high winds can cause other types of barrier or hoardings to become unstable and potentially dangerous, concrete barriers can also be a cost-effective and highly resilient option.

Concrete Barriers for Pedestrian Footpath


A solid barrier with a flexible purpose

The fact that concrete barriers are reinforced and incorporate a design which makes them suited to many areas (and can even be custom-cast where permanent fixtures are needed) makes them the ideal solution for a range of different uses:

  • For protecting sites under development and construction.
  • Suitable for commercial as well as private sites.
  • For access control.
  • For boundary demarcation.
  • To create exclusion zones around buildings or fixtures.
  • Preventing vehicular access, particularly against forced entry using a vehicle.
  • Prohibits access for fly-tipping or other anti-social behaviour in a site area.
  • Creating designated spaces, for example at festivals, outdoor displays and arena events.

A solid barrier with security in mind

As well as offering such versatility, concrete barriers are also a popular choice when security is an absolute must. This is because concrete barriers can provide:

  • A visible deterrent: The weight and bulk of this solid concrete barrier adds a real sense of physical security to sites of all types.
  • Considerable strength: Reinforced concrete barriers weigh over 2 tonnes each. This makes them virtually impossible to move without specialist equipment, the kind of equipment which trespassers, opportunist thieves and vandals just don’t have easy access to; they’ll be more likely to pass your site by in favour of a less secure option.
  • Batch delivery and quick erection: With up to ten barriers available within each delivery, an average sized site can be quickly secured by our professional delivery team in one visit. This might be particularly important when a fast response is needed, perhaps in the face of unwanted visitors or when an accident has occurred which has rendered your site unsafe and yourself liable in the case of anyone accessing the site and coming to harm.

Concrete Lego Blocks

A solid barrier with a personal touch

Other benefits of concrete barriers include the fact that they are fully customisable. Concrete barriers can be painted to carry company colours and even sign-written with a company logo, providing road-side advertising as well as security.

An easy solution with easy installation

Concrete barriers can be surprisingly simple to install and maintain. The design of our concrete barriers makes it versatile enough to use as a kentledge (counter-weight) for steel fencing and barriers, which means that there’s no need to spend additional time and money excavating a site to sink post supports, nor to take time at the end of the project removing posts and making safe the holes left behind.

A durable, cost-effective option for long-term security

Due to the fact that the reinforced concrete tends to live up to its name, these barriers particularly offer enduring resistance to attempted vandalism, weather-damage and daily wear and tear. As such, many site owners prefer concrete barriers when a long-term, semi-permanent or permanent barrier is required. Long-term installation of concrete barriers can be particularly cost-effective in comparison to both hire and installation costs of alternative types of barrier, such as timber hoarding – and once your barriers have been customised, they will always be paying for themselves as far as advertising is concerned.

Whether the weather will impact on your choice of barrier

One of the factors that many customers forget to take into account is how barriers and security can be affected by the predominant weather conditions of the local environment. For example for a site area which is on high ground on top of a hill, where strong gusts of wind are a regular feature, concrete barriers can offer a much more secure option against the prevailing conditions as well as against trespassers! Similarly, using barriers which include concrete means that extreme weather such as from hailstorms may be more effective in the long-term, especially if you need the barriers over a season such as autumn or winter when such conditions are likely.

With health and safety and public liability being key considerations when it comes to choosing the right barriers for your needs, concrete barriers can be the ideal option for a belt-and-braces approach to security with all considerations in mind, wherever you are and whatever the weather!

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