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5 of the Best Construction Hoarding Designs

Construction hoardings have been around for a number of years, and we’re all so used to them being there that we almost don’t see them anymore: unless they’re of the drab eye-sore kind which, if you’re a resident close to a building site, you end up looking out upon week after week.

Because unless hoardings offer some level of camouflage which helps them blend into their setting, high-visibility warnings to help improve safety and security or are covered in relevant signage to increase awareness and protection, hoardings just don’t hold relevance to many of us so we just walk and drive by, unaware.

However, undressed hoarding is proving to be so last year, because we’re now seeing an explosion in creative design specifically for hoardings. Innovators in creative design, visual and open space arts are now bringing the idea of highly visible hoardings to the next exciting level with creative designs which really customise the hoardings used on site with noticeable, original artwork instead of drab screens and boards.

Such designs not only serve to secure the construction sites, protect the public and offer screening and privacy, they also provide interesting conversation pieces within communities at the same time, and can be an opportunity to bring art as well as safety and security to construction sites, as these famous examples world-wide show:

Dior storefront, New York

When it’s time for a Dior storefront to have a makeover even the hoarding has to be right on season …

creative, designer hoardings

The Lancasters, Hyde Park, London

For the construction of the largest outdoor gallery in Europe, located at The Lancasters in London, innovative designers CiD created the perfect hoarding. The resulting design not only afforded safety and security but also drew (see what we did there?) plenty of positive attention and anticipation for the project …

creative design hoardings

Image source: Consultants In Design

The REP and Library of Birmingham, Centenary Square, Birmingham

When redevelopment of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre and construction of the Library of Birmingham meant a complete two-year shutdown of Birmingham’s Centenary Square, the developers and designers chose to focus on making sure their very public-facing hoardings were useful and informative. Hoardings included information about:

  • The project as a whole;
  • The REP’s past, present and plans for the future;
  • Maps showing the alternative venues for REP productions during the period of closure.

creative designer hoardings

Yogen Fruz, Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur

When Canadian frozen yoghurt giants decided to expand to Malaysia, with a store in the upmarket retail area of the prestigious Petronas Twin Towers, it was quickly decided that the construction hoardings should be an active – and fully interactive – part of the overall launch campaign.

The hoarding design included sections of cups, each removable by the public and with a special discount message, encouraging potential customers to bring their empty cups back for opening day, for a 50% discount on their first try of Yogen Fruz. Cups were regularly replenished so that the brand’s advertised opening message “when all the cups are gone” matched seamlessly with the planned launch day …

creative designer hoardings

As well as offering a highly innovative design which proved popular with the public, this very public promotion led to an extremely successful launch, thanks to the hoardings becoming a tactile teaser campaign!

UTS Science Facility, Sydney, Australia

Another example of hoarding which certainly fits with the function of the area it’s protecting is the fun hoarding designed for the construction site of a new science building for Sydney’s University of Technology. The attention to detail in this design includes the fact that the book titles are titles of books written by UTS academics …

creative designer hoardings

Of course, not every construction site budget can run to designer hoardings, but there’s now a great choice of high-quality regular hoardings, with colour and camouflage options from SafeSite Facilities, so if you have any specific hoarding needs for your site please contact us.

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