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Timber & Steel Hoarding – Peterborough City Council

The Brief:

Peterborough Council needed to secure two separate sites in the city. The first was a construction site and the second a site where ground works were being carried out. Both sites needed to be secured effectively to both protect the public and to prevent trespassers.

The Solution:

At the construction site SafeSite advised using a mix of free-standing timber hoardingdug-in timber hoarding and dug-in hoarding gates to allow easy access to workmen and vehicles. At the ground works site SafeSite advised using free-standing metal hoarding, which would provide the best combination of security and flexibility when moving.

Freestanding steel hoarding Peterborough
Freestanding timber hoarding Peterborough

The Outcome:

SafeSite was appointed to provide the hoarding systems and over a two and a half week period supplied and installed in stages:

  • 80m free-standing timber hoarding
  • 10m dug-in timber hoarding (including vehicle and pedestrian gate)
  • 200m free-standing metal hoarding

Two men on each site worked on the installation. At the construction site part of the free-standing timber hoarding was attached to TVCB concrete barriers and part was fixed to the parapet wall of a bridge. The dug-in timber hoarding spanned the road forming the site entrance, where both a vehicle and pedestrian gate were incorporated.

At the ground works site SafeSite delivered the steel hoarding to a compound outside of the city and ran it into the city centre on our 3.5 tonne trucks so as to cause minimum disruption.

Freestanding timber hoarding gates
Freestanding steel hoarding Peterborough city centre

In the Future:

Peterborough City Council were impressed with the speed and quality of the work and the organisation that commissioned the work have now requested assistance from SafeSite for projects in Sweden.

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