On construction sites, workers are at a high risk of getting injured. This is why it is important to create safe and noticeable walkways for them to ensure that they stay out of danger. The pedestrian barriers offered at SafeSite Facilities are the ideal solution for creating these safe walkways at construction sites to clearly indicate where workers would be safe and out of potential danger.

Our pedestrian barriers are made to last, using the Smartweld technology that adds to their durability and strength. The interlocking design of these barriers, along with anti-slip feet, makes them a suitable choice for construction sites as they are versatile and strong enough to bear the rough site conditions. These pedestrian barriers measure 2300mm L x 1100mm H, weighing 11.5 kg. They have a fully galvanised exterior that makes them even more durable.

Our pedestrian barriers are extremely easy to transport and install. You can get them delivered to your worksite anywhere across the UK. You can either hire or purchase them and choose to install them manually on your own or professionally by our team. If you have any more questions about our pedestrian barriers, simply fill out our form and we will have our representative contact you at the earliest.

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