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Pedestrian Barriers, Chapter 8 & Evo 55 Barriers at Railway Station

The Brief:

A customer of ours required demarcation outside a busy railway station which was undergoing essential maintenance works. They needed a variety of pedestrian and vehicle barriers to allow the safe flow of pedestrians to still have access to the station whilst the works were to be carried out.


The Solution:

SafeSite Facilities supplied and installed 150 x Evo 55 water filled barriers for the perimeter where traffic would be passing mapping out the compound of the works. Along with this we provided 60 x Chapter 8 Barriers as visibility of the temporary obstruction was paramount. While it’s still the season of winter, it’s still dark at peak times for commuters so high visibility barriers were essential.

EVO 55 Water Filled Barriers round bend
EVO 55 Barriers in row


We also supplied 215 x 2.3 fixed leg pedestrian barriers to create a smooth direction and flow so pedestrians could still get into the station yet avoid the renovations works.

We had to work to very tight deadlines set by our client due to the station being busy; we were successful in installing the barriers during off peak hours. The site was very active, other site constraints meant it was very time restricted and our barriers played an important part in site safety. The install took place 1 evening and the dismantle took place 48 hours later over 1 weekend.

Water filled barriers and pedestrian barriers
EVO water filled barriers at railway station


The Outcome:

The client was pleased with the outcome and speed we were able to act. They will use us again on future renovations. The works were completed, pedestrians and commuters remained safe.


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