The sturdy, strong and high-quality 3.5m pedestrian barriers offered by Safe Site Facilities are an ideal solution for managing low level perimeter security around a site and controlling foot traffic during events. Compared to smaller barriers, our 3.5 m pedestrian barriers cover more distance with fewer barriers, making installation and dismantling fast, convenient and low-cost. Our sturdy barriers are made with the Smartweld technology, ensuring durability and performance at affordable rates.

To add to the stability of these 3.5m pedestrian barriers, weighted or anti-trip feet are added that prevent these barriers from tripping over even in crowded events. A galvanised exterior adds to the durability of these barriers, preventing them from rust and damage. We can provide you with these pedestrian barriers all across the UK, whether for hire or for sale. On purchasing these, you will enjoy the fact that these barriers are extremely easy to transport and install due to their strong and sturdy structure.

Our professional team offers a complete full-service facility, delivering and installing these barriers at the place of your choice anywhere in the UK, at the time you want. After your event, we will also take care of collecting and efficiently dismantling these pedestrian barriers from the event’s site. If you are looking for an extremely efficient service, simply fill out the form and a representative from Safe Site Facilities will get in touch with you at the earliest to answer your queries and help you place your order.

Our 3.5m pedestrian barriers are ideal for events and low level perimeter security. They can have weighted or anti trip feet depending on their intended use and can be stacked easily. The benefit of the 3.5m barrier is that it covers more meterage than the smaller barriers which reduces installation time and therefor lowers the cost.

Safe Site Facilities are very experienced in the events industry and offer and complete service from delivery and installation to dismantle and collection. Our team are well presented and extremely efficient which is imperative when working at an event.

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