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What Makes Anti-Climb Fencing a Good Security Choice?

Anti-climb fencing consistently proves itself as the go-to security stalwart for securing property, premises, land, sites and events – but what makes it one of the top security choices in the UK?

Construction and design

Temporary Anti-Climb Fencing

Safesite’s anti-climb fence panels have a very specific construction which incorporates tamper-proof and climb-resistant properties, as well as offering optimum safety and durability across all types of security situations and locations. Many of these features are enabled by both the fully galvanised construction and the Smartweld mesh technology within the design …

Galvanising is the application of a zinc coating to steel products. For anti-climb fencing, this means that every section of the steel has been coated with zinc to create steel which is significantly protected from the elements and resistant to damage during transportation, erection and use of the fencing, any of which could generally result in oxidation or corrosion of the steel. However, in the case of Safesite’s galvanised steel fence panels:

  • Galvanised coatings offer barrier protection to any areas which do become damaged as the zinc coating itself harnesses any corrosion, keeping the steel beneath protected until the zinc coating has been completely disappeared. This means that small areas do not require instant fixing and any areas where the zinc is deteriorating can be easily noted, enabling at-a-glance assessment of any remedial action required.
  • The galvanising process covers all parts of the fence panel, not just some areas, increasing the fence’s resistance to problems.
  • Galvanised steel is water and salt repellent, making these panels ideal when deployed in extreme weathers or when use in coastal or marine locations is required.

In this way, galvanised steel creates anti-climb fencing which offers low maintenance, prolonged durability and extreme reliability, all of which means cost-effectiveness and excellent value for money through long service and minimal repair.

Smartweld is a specific welding technology which enables strength and durability to all parts of the fence’s mesh construction. Historic welding techniques often meant welding across specific, often separate parts, rather than the whole of panels, leading to snagged ends, ragged joins and areas vulnerable to tampering and weathering within the design. Smartweld technology is an improvement on previous welding techniques because it is a whole manufacturing process which creates more robust panel parts through:

  • Corner joints which are significantly stronger. The corner plates offer a full 180O contact point when welded, double the strength of most other mesh fence panels, which generally offer only 90O contact.
  • Swaged ends to tubing, with full contact welded parts affording extra strength.
  • At 38mm, each panel’s fully welded horizontal tubing is larger than most other industry alternatives, which are approximately 30mm. This larger diameter is provided as standard to create a more rigid, robust framework.
  • The precision design mesh is fully fitted and welded under tension to eliminate sagging and present a stronger, uniform look which enhances each panel’s appearance as a visible deterrent, as well as providing superior anti-climb properties.
  • Every wire is welded to frame for additional strength and safety and is fully finished, with no snagged or overhanging wires. As well as improving the integrity of the fence, this also reduces health and safety risk of wires snagging users and the public.
  • Smartweld technology actively prevents wire breakages, to ensure greater fence integrity.

Additionally, Smartweld mesh panels are fully tested up to 500kg on every joint on the frame and panel, providing a mesh panel which is up to 70% stronger than panels created using traditional MIG welding technology.

The product and its properties

Stacked Heavy Duty Anti-Climb Fencing

The highly durable design and construction of Safesite’s anti-climb fencing creates fencing which is extremely robust – and with this increased strength comes that superior anti-climb protection, through:

  • A close-weave mesh which prevents would-be trespassers from getting a foothold or hand grip to gain the purchase needed to climb.
  • Additional strength through the close mesh design, increasing each fence panel’s resistance to forceful attack or tampering, for example through use of cutters.
  • The galvanised construction which resists rusting and deterioration reduces the risk of tampering and keeps the panels presenting a strong visible deterrent whilst performing fully fit for purpose, for longer.

Safesite’s anti-climb fencing also outperforms other types of fencing for security provision because it performs well in poor weather conditions. Whilst the design and manufacturing process minimise any risk of vulnerability caused by weathering and rust, the mesh design performs well in high wind areas. Where other types of fencing can be undermined and even moved in extreme winds, when erected correctly anti-climb fence panels can offer good wind resistance and remain secure to reduce the risks of opportunistic trespass.

In use, anti-climb fencing is ideal for any type of security which involves preventing access to vacant or dangerous sites, as well as to manage security at event sites, including crowd control by guiding or restricting pedestrian flow. For further information, please contact your friendly Safesite professionals.


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