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Safety barriers: everything you need for protection

There is nothing more important than security and SafeSite’s safety barriers provide that for companies across the UK. Using our barriers, you will achieve a safe environment whether you need to control the flow of people, vehicles, or even water.

Security barriers are a familiar and widely used feature of best practice in the workplace, promoted in safety training and, above all, essential to the effective and safe application of laws and regulations.

The fact is you can’t afford to skip buying safety barriers. When you do use them, you must use industry-recognised, tried and tested equipment. Failure to deploy barriers or the use of inadequate units can, in some scenarios, lead to a devastating loss of human life.

SafeSite supplies a comprehensive range of high-performance barriers in order to safely and reliably control the movement of people and vehicles and to prevent flooding. Market leading organisations across the UK rely on our barriers because they are proven, user-friendly and effective in keeping everyone safe.

Where can I buy the best road safety barriers in the UK?

To prevent vehicles from colliding with people and obstacles, use road barriers. UK tested, these interlocking barriers are commonly used to protect workers on construction sites from potential injury caused by vehicles and equipment.

The options that you have available to you for highway works or race track safety are as follows:

  • Concrete Jersey barriers are an excellent means of controlling vehicular flow. You’ll see these systems used extensively in car parks and to keep construction and road maintenance staff safe. We will handle all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. We will suggest the right size and weight for your project and deliver the items to site – wherever you are in the UK.
  • Steel barriers are great for enclosing excavations and directing vehicles around hazards or pedestrian walkways. These strong, versatile barriers can be used in conjunction with mesh fence panels and offer vehicle roll-on-roll-off stability. The options we have available (which are all crash tested are as follows:
    • Bull Barrier – crash and wind tunnel tested and can be used with steel mesh fencing.
    • Mass Barrier – a crash tested and can be used with mesh fencing.
  • Our water-filled safety barriers are high-visibility protective barriers that provide safety for pedestrians and construction personnel. Once filled with water these barriers form a tough and durable protection that is fast and straightforward to assemble. Better yet, you can increase the overall height of the system with the addition of fence panels. Plus, when these units are emptied, they’re light enough to easily re-arrange, transport and store. The water-filled barriers which are ideally suited to road safety are as follows:

Buy the best crowd safety barriers

Pedestrian barriers – seen across the United Kingdom – are one for the crowd. These popular barriers provide a cost-effective and portable safety measure for use when many people are expected to congregate.

They can control the direction and flow of pedestrians and ensure smooth crowd management at public functions. These barriers also offer secure vehicle entry points and keep people clear of prohibited areas. Pedestrian barriers are simple to disassemble, pack and convey to the next location.

Our pedestrian barriers are built for effectiveness and durability. Acclaimed Smartweld technology guarantees a solid and robust structure that conforms to industry specifications for safety barriers in the UK. They feature a rigid base to provide stability and balance, plus a versatile interlocking mechanism.

Concord or cycle barriers are popular for use in conjunction with event signage and materials. The barrier offers a standalone, strong yet lightweight means of crowd protection that interlocks; additional safety is provided by its angled design. They can be quickly installed and offer the option for sponsorship or brand advertising.

Our Centipede and Turtlegate barriers offer a speedy way to section of areas of a site or location. These are a strong and study design that can be used on a myriad of sites and surfaces.

The barriers’ highly attractive feature is their size in storage, they collapse down to a fraction of the size and come in a range of colours and sizes. Click here to learn more about our expandable barriers.

Chapter 8 Barriers

Chapter 8 barriers feature highly flexible options to control both traffic and footfall. If you’re looking to buy or hire safety barriers in the UK then these are some of the most versatile options available. They are commonly deployed for traffic and pedestrian management and warning by virtue of their visibility and compliance to the law.

For expanding safety barriers in the UK, try our first-class Centipede Expandable Barrier! The Centipede Barrier offers the most cost-effective extendable barrier system in the industry. Constructed from tough aluminium and finished in the colour of your choosing, these can be installed for crowd management and perimeter protection indoors and outdoors.

Flood defence barriers UK

A rapidly installable interconnecting flood defence system delivers more cost-effective and comprehensive flood defence than sandbags can ever give. The units have self-sealing holes that fill as water levels increase to create a solid and resilient dam. The barriers can be configured for any shape or length to match the layout of any premises.

Unlike sandbags, our flood protection barriers can be recycled and reused, providing a longer lasting and greener flood defence system.

Order social distancing barriers

In this era of the ‘new normal,’ it’s expected behaviour for us all to keep a little bit more distance from each other when in public. This sensible precaution lessens the chances of infections like Covid-19 and Influenza being transmitted from person to person in crowded environments.

However, people are all too human and sometimes forget the conventions of social distancing, so why not set yourself apart from the crowd and buy or rent our social distancing barriers? The interconnecting design allows the simple construction of a sturdy barrier that’s very difficult to penetrate. These barriers are compatible with many other products in our range for wider application.

Whatever your barrier needs, get in touch with SafeSite Facilities today; we’ll recommend the right high-calibre UK safety barriers to keep your people and properties safe.

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