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Which cone to choose?

Equipped with a retroflective sleeve, our cones serve as essential markers for road safety, ensuring high visibility day or night. These markers effectively guide and alert individuals in range of settings, acting a invaluable tool for traffic management.


2 Piece Cones

Two-piece traffic cones, with their detachable base and cone, offer convenient storage and transport options. The two part design makes it straightforward to replace damaged components, contributing to long-term cost savings.

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1 Piece Cones

One-piece traffic cones are characterized by their simple construction, providing durability and stability in various traffic management scenarios. The absence of detachable components streamlines deployment and ensures a robust solution for directing and controlling traffic.

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Skipper Cone

The Skipper road cone features an integrated helix for enhanced wind stability, while its innovative glass bead sleeve, more reflective than other alternatives, ensures durability across applications from airports to industrial sites. Its versatility is further amplified with the option to be fitted with a wide range of accessories.

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Why order traffic cones from SafeSite Facilities?

We offer a range of products which offer improved safety and operational effectiveness on construction sites. Just as with all other solutions we offer, we also offer related accessories for our products such as signage holders, LED lights and retractable tape units.

Every task we approach we do so with ease of transaction in mind. Professionals come to us time and time again because we know the industry and how important it is to deliver the correct product to the right place at the right time. But also, that we we sell or install is fit for purpose.


Key reasons why we are a ‘go to’ vendor of traffic cones are as follows:

  • We offer a range of hard-wearing traffic cones in multiple sizes
  • Our self-weighted traffic cones are ideal for directing vehicles away from potential hazards.
  • Our no-waiting cones help to prevent unauthorised parking in restricted or hazardous areas.
  • All of our traffic cones are highly visible for drivers and pedestrians, and are supplied with appropriate safety regulation-approved reflective sleeves.
  • Our traffic cones neatly stack for hassle-free transportation and deployment.
  • All our products are available for hire, standard sale or sale with a ‘buy back’ option.
  • We have our own fleet of vehicles and can deliver anywhere in the UK.


Whatever your question or concern regarding traffic management, we can help. Please contact our experienced team of safety professionals.



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