We sell 3 types of traffic cone

Category: Traffic cones

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Here at SafeSite Facilities you will find a variety of durable traffic cones in multiple sizes, available for purchase or hire anywhere in the UK. Our standard cones are ideal for directing vehicles away from potential hazards, while our no waiting cones will help to prevent unauthorised parking in restricted and/or dangerous areas.

We supply both one-piece and two-piece traffic cones. The latter variety allows the cone’s body and heavy-duty base to be separated should either become damaged and need replacing, saving you money. All of our cones are supplied with appropriate safety regulation-approved reflective sleeves and neatly stack for hassle-free transportation and deployment.

As highly reputed and experienced security specialists, you can trust the SafeSite Facilities team to advise you should you be unsure of your traffic management requirements. For help – and a no obligation quote – contact us today.