What are traffic cones?

Traffic cones, so-called because of their ‘cone’ shape, are typically used on roads or footpaths to alert vehicles and pedestrians to any hazards and redirect traffic safely.


Why choose traffic cones from SafeSite Facilities?

We offer a range of hard-wearing traffic cones in multiple sizes, depending on your requirements.

We supply one-piece and two-piece traffic cones. If you are looking to maintain social distancing on your site our one-piece traffic cones can be used to mark out safe spaces. Two-piece traffic cones allow the body and base to be separated should either section become damaged or need replacing, saving you money.

Our self-weighted traffic cones are ideal for directing vehicles away from potential hazards.

Our no-waiting cones help to prevent unauthorised parking in restricted or hazardous areas.

All of our traffic cones are highly visible for drivers and pedestrians, and are supplied with appropriate safety regulation-approved reflective sleeves.

Our traffic cones neatly stack for hassle-free transportation and deployment.

Our traffic cones are available for purchase or hire anywhere in the UK.

If you want to discuss your traffic management responsibilities and requirements, get in touch with our experienced team of safety professionals. Our specialists can advise you on the best options and provide a free, no obligation quotation. Contact us today.