What are crash-tested MASS barriers?

Crash-tested multi application safety system (MASS) barriers are one of the most common types of barrier systems found on construction sites and roadways across the UK. They are typically deployed to protect pedestrians, vehicles and workers – and to keep roads open – while street works are underway. Their flexible design means that MASS barrier systems can be easily and quickly reconfigured as projects progress from one phase to another.

Key features

  • Range of high visibility safety colours
  • Linking system
  • Vehicle roll-on-roll-off stability
  • Crash tested to full T2 W5 levels
  • Non-permanent fixing – no drilling or coring necessary
  • Speedy installation, assembly and repositioning
  • All rounds safety for workers, drivers and pedestrians
  • Relatively lightweight for easy transportation and storage
  • Unit adaptations to accommodate rotations through 180°

Product comparison

  M.A.S.S Barriers Water-filled Barriers Concrete Barriers
Short term use    ✓  
Top sections e.g. fencing  ✓    
High visibility      
Heavy-duty protection  ✗  


Barrier units

Each unit measures 150 cm (length) x 50 cm (width) x 42 cm (height) and weighs approximately 48kg. Each section can be easily linked to others with a series of vertical pins, allowing full rotation through 180° for maximum versatility. Made from sturdy hot dip galvanised steel, each unit is powder coated in a range of durable high visibility colours to allow visibility across a range of local environments and weather conditions.

Safety tested

Safesite MASS Crash Tested Barrier system has been tested to full T2 W5 and offers fully tested vehicle roll-on-roll-off stability. Any vehicle colliding with the base of the system actually helps to stablise the overall system, maximising safety and minimising potential risk.

Versatile and portable

As well as offering versatile layout options thanks to that 180° rotation, Safesite MASS base units do not require permanent fixing through road drilling or coring. Instead, each barrier’s steel buffer is anchored with sandbags, allowing easy removal and portability to another site when required.

This non-permanent fixing, along with the Safesite MASS barriers’ innovative pin plug-in system means that installation can be quick and efficient: ideal when disruption to traffic and pedestrians needs to be kept minimal. Any dismantling and repositioning can also be achieved quickly.

When transportation to another site or storage is needed, the reduced weight and innovative shape of the MASS barriers makes them easily portable and storage-friendly. One pallet of up to 160m of Safesite MASS barriers can be delivered safely on a single vehicle, which also cuts costs of transportation.

The new shape of barrier safety

Finally, with Industry Best Practice and statutory Duty of Care being at the heart of road safety and construction legislation, and with a focus on the safety of all road users, including pedestrians, drivers and road workers, the versatile Safesite MASS barriers are the new shape of roadside safety – on all sides of the barrier.

Customer Reviews (2)

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Looks awesome, spot on!
Date Published: 12/11/2018

Incredibly stream line and neat. Looked awesome, professional. The Multi Application Safety System barriers were spot on and I couldn’t have asked for more! Easy to assemble, no fuss. Will recommend. A*

5 / 5 stars
Easy to install and very smart
Date Published: 21/03/2019

Easy to install, equipment easy to move and to transport where needed. It was a long project, so we hired these from Safesite, and no hustle when collecting, collected on time. The barriers were smart in appearance and completely clean on arrival, did not expect that so a nice surprise. Kept a good partition between traffic and pedestrians.

5 / 5 stars
Average Rating 5 stars - based on 2 reviews

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