What are social distancing barriers?

Social distancing barriers are intended to create a safe physical distance between people to help limit the risk of infection transmission. They are ideal for busy pedestrian locations such as in schools and offices, as well as on construction sites and in shops, to manage footfall in a safe and controlled way.


Why choose social distancing barriers from SafeSite Facilities?

 We have a wide range of plastic social distancing barriers and metal distancing barriers depending on your site requirements.

 A choice of self-weighted and water-filled barrier options is available.

 The interlocking design allows you to create a strong, connected barrier that cannot be easily broken or breached.

 Our social distancing barriers are wind resistant for use in all weathers.

 Anti-trip feet are available as an additional pedestrian safety measure.

 Reflective sleeves provide improved visibility.

 Our barriers are compatible with other barrier systems for flexibility and ease of use.

 Mesh handrail systems can be incorporated for added safety and stability.

 Corporate branding and colouring are available.

 We can also provide distance spacing cones for space-marking and traffic control.

 All of our social distancing barriers are available to buy or hire, for temporary or permanent use.

  We can deliver and install our social distancing barriers anywhere in the UK.

If you are looking for ways to reopen your business safely contact us today. Our team of safety specialists can recommend the right social distancing barrier system to meet your needs, and provide you with a free, no obligation quotation.