SafeSite Facilities offer a range of anti-climb devices designed to provide added protection to your security fence. Fence spikes are available in many different forms, from decorative fence spikes popular on fences surrounding residential properties, to razor spikes used to protect many business premises and public buildings. We can provide and install both fence spikes and wall spikes to fit your requirements to help ensure that the security of your premises is never compromised.

The most favoured entry route for any burglar or would be vandal, is over a wall or fence at the rear of a premises where they are least likely to be observed. By installing anti climb spikes to your perimeter walls, you are able to stop would be criminals in their tracks. We are able to provide both wall security spikes and fence security spikes, and offer free advise on the anti climb devices that are right for you dependant on both the level of threat and security required.

SafeSite Facilities can supply and fit the outstanding Vanguard Rotating Anti-Climb Barrier to your security fence. The number one choice for many industrial and commercial premises, the Vanguard system can be fitted to walls gates and steel palisade fencing. Found to be one of the toughest barriers to negotiate in testing by army personnel, this effective deterrent is a rotating anti climb barrier system manufactured from formed and split aluminium tubing.

Whether you opt for the Vanguard anti-climb barrier or alternative anti climb spinners, fence security spikes or wall security spikes our expert team of security specialists will ensure that your security measures remain within the law. We will provide you with appropriate warning signage that must be displayed in accordance to current legislation, and ensure that any security spikes are installed at a sufficient height from the ground.