What are Road Plates?

Road Plates – or Trench Covers as they are also known – are used to seal off potentially dangerous excavations, such as manholes, trenches or other obstacles, and allow the safe flow of traffic, site personnel and pedestrians.

Why choose road plates from Safe Site Facilities?

SafeSite Facilities’ road plates offer convenience, safety and durability.

Manufactured to withstand even extreme loads, including plant vehicles, our trench covers are fully compliant with the Safety at Street Works and Road Works Act.

 We can supply either lightweight, heavy duty, Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Road Plates or Steel Road Plates, depending on the area that needs to be covered and the type of traffic expected over them.

We can deliver with either a standard finish or an anti-skid finish, for maximising safety onsite in wet or muddy conditions.

 Each plate unit has a hole in each corner which makes it easier to lift as well as anchorage points for securing the units across a range of trench types including, rectangular openings, linear trenches and transverse trenches.

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) road plates

The GRP road plate is a modular system with multiple individual sections that link securely together with heavy duty connectors. Weighing in at 44kgs this trench cover is far lighter and easier to handle than a steel plate. It can be installed in minutes with a two-person lift.

With an integrated anti-skid surface, which exceeds current standards, the GRP road plate provides excellent traction for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

The innovative flexible edge reduces unwanted noise, and high visibility features provide traffic calming benefits, in residential areas.

Steel road plates

Our robust steel road plates offer maximum durability and stability for extreme loads. Available in an anti-skid finish, these heavy duty trench covers also feature corner holes for easy lifting and anchorage.

These units are available in a standard size (2.4 m x 1.2 m) with a choice of either ½” or ¾” depth. Additional sizes, fully customisable, are also available. Weights start from approximately 300kg.


Department of Transport guidance

For Department of Transport guidance about working with and installing road plates please click here.

Your delivery options

Our road plates are available to buy or hire with delivery anywhere across the UK. Our knowledgeable and friendly team can advise which specification is best for your trenches or whether a customised plate will provide you with the best solution. Contact us today.


Road plate FAQs:

Road plates allow pedestrian and vehicle traffic to safely pass over trenches and other excavations, whilst construction, maintenance and demolition works are carried out.  

Load capacity details for all of our road plates / trench covers can be found on the product pages. The Department of Transport has also published this guidance about working with and installing road plates. 

Metal road plates can be customised to withstand extremely heavy loads and are very durable. They offer convenience, safety and durability as well as full compliance with The Safety at Street Works and Road Works Act.

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