If you are looking to install a water filled barrier where safety is paramount – for example on a major road or highway – we highly recommend opting for the Rhino Restraint Barrier.

A rotationally moulded heavy duty polythene water filled barrier system,  the Rhino barrier has been successfully tested under criteria set out in BS/EN1317 – N1 to contain a 1500 kg saloon car travelling at speeds of 50 mph to gain the approval of the Highways Agency of the USA and here in the UK, and the National Road Authority in Ireland. In addition, Rhino barriers are MIRA wind speed tested and have been accepted for use at all BAA Airports. When used as part of a traffic management system during road works and around building works, the Rhino barrier system provides reassurance to both drivers and pedestrians.

An easily managed and adaptable restraint system, Rhino barriers are connected using a pin drop system for quick assembly. As soon as the first Rhino barrier is in place water filling can commence allowing for extremely fast installation.

A free standing water filled barrier system, Rhino barriers have high visibility both day and night. Creatively designed, the main body of the barrier is protected by foam filled impact strips which can be replaced individually should they become damaged on impact without having to replace the main body of the barrier.

Rhino barriers continue to be used at numerous events from music festivals to sporting events including motor races. The rhino barrier can be individualised to suit your needs with the addition of mesh fence panels, hoarding panels for additional protection and signage, or warning lights.

Each rhino barrier has 2 metre ground coverage, height of 0.88m and base width of 0.65m. The Rhino restraint barrier weighs just 170 kg when empty, increasing to 530 kg when filled with water.

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