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Crash-tested Barriers

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There are several options for crash-tested road safety barriers, each designed to provide protection and minimize the risk of severe injuries or fatalities in the event of a collision. We stock, sell and hire different types of crash barriers most of which are compatible with mesh and hoarding panels as well as gates. These types of barriers are deployed to protect pedestrians, vehicles and workers – and to keep roads open – while street works are underway.

Crash-tested barriers are typically required in sites where there is a need to protect people, property, or critical infrastructure from the impact of a vehicle collision. These barriers are specifically designed and tested to withstand the forces generated by a vehicle crash and prevent the vehicle from penetrating or breaching the barrier. Some common sites where crash-tested barriers are necessary include:

  • Highways and roadworks – Crash-tested barriers are commonly used along highways and roadways to enhance safety for motorists. They are employed to prevent errant vehicles from crossing over into oncoming traffic or leaving the roadway entirely. These barriers help mitigate the severity of accidents and reduce the risk of head-on collisions, rollovers, or vehicles colliding with fixed structures, such as bridges or utility poles. Popular products of ours which suit this purpose are specifically the Mass, Bull and Manta barriers as well as TVCB.
  • Bridges and overpasses – Bridges often required crash-tested barriers due risk of a vehicle collision. They are important to prevent vehicles from crashing through the bridge railings and falling off the structure, they minimise the risk of accidents and protect the structural integrity of the bridge.
  • Airports – crash-tested barriers are used at airports to enhance the security and protect critical areas. The barriers are effective in limiting vehicles access to runways, taxiways, terminal buildings and aircraft parking areas.
  • Parking facilities – concrete barriers, such as the TVCBs are useful in car parks managing traffic flow and providing protection in case of accidents within the parking facility.
  • Industrial and critical infrastructure sites – sites such as large industrial facilities, power plants, government buildings, and other critical infrastructure site may also benefit barriers. Most water-filled, steel or concrete crash-tested barriers can be used with mesh or hoarding panels so can not only restrict vehicle access but also separate sections. Hoarding is particularly good as it can also close off visibility to certain areas.

In addition to crash-test credentials, you may also want to consider the wind speed and direction in or around your site. Code compliance, structural integrity, cost-effectiveness and performance are all key considerations for the your sites perimeter protection. Where appropriate, our barriers, fence and hoarding panels will include their wind resistance test speeds/credentials.

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