The Police Pedestrian Barrier is an innovative light weight crowd control barrier used to secure spectator safety and is an ideal solution for events such as demonstrations, football matches, pop concerts and any other event where a high security solution is required.

This barrier is less likely to topple over than many comparable products due to the depth of its 705mm angled base, accompanied by the combined securely of connecting to each neighbouring barrier via an easy to use interlocking system. It is particularly suitable for controlling the flow of people and heavy crowd surges.

They can also be used in specific configurations, such as a box line, to create high security, sterile zones and difficult to breach barrier lines.

The barriers are made with a welded, galvanized tubular steel frame and fitted with a steel anti-climb mesh infill panel creating an attractive appearance. The unique footprint of the base is designed to prevent the barriers from sliding.

In addition to the rapid installation and dismantling process, the barrier can also be stacked and stored in units of thirty per stillage which can then be easily manoeuvred by a fork lift truck.



Finish Height Width Depth Weight
Post Galvanised 1065 mm 1526 mm 705 mm 26 kg


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