SafeSite Facilities offer a range of precast concrete barriers which can be enhanced by the addition of fencing for increased security.

Concrete barriers with fencing are a popular choice for surrounding the perimeter of a site compound or vacant property to provide superior protection. As part of the full site security services we offer, we can install our three tonne concrete barriers around your perimeter, locked together with our state of the art interlocking system providing you with a complete block against unauthorised vehicular access. By mounting anti-climb fence to the top of your concrete security blocks, we will create a virtually impenetrable secure boundary. This type of concrete barrier with fence will secure your property against all manner of unwelcome visitors, be it fly tippers, travellers, squatters, vandals or thieves.

A jersey barrier with fence added may be used around a building site, serving not only to prevent against unlawful access into the site but also to protect the passing public from falling debris.

Adding security fencing to concrete sleepers is a fast and easy process. Our concrete block barriers have special grooves cut into the top to allow for the attachment of a fence in no time at all.

We have a choice of concrete barriers for hire across the UK. Whether you are looking for long or short term hire, or are working with unknown timescales, we are here to help. We can deliver temporary concrete barriers with fence at times to suit you; and when your concrete blocks are no longer required their collection can be easily arranged with just one phone call. If you prefer to buy your own we offer concrete barriers for sale, complete with a buy back option if required. Call us today to discuss your options.

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