A mainstay of security fencing for generations, barbed wire is an effective deterrent to climbing that threatens significant discomfort to would-be intruders. It’s quick, easy and relatively safe to self-install and the perfect complement to countless temporary and permanent fencing setups.

Thieves and vandals are never keen to (often literally) tangle with barbed wire: it scratches and clings to clothing, though it is generally less likely to cause severe injury than other anti-climb devices (e.g. Razor Wire). This in turn makes it easier to install and remove quickly and safely. Galvanised to prevent rusting, you are assured many years of use, whether in constant use or in storage. A range of brackets compatible with various fencing set-ups are additionally available from SafeSite Facilities.

Barbed wire can be quickly and easily installed by professionals, though the law dictates that it must be installed 2.4 metres above the ground with signage warning the public of its placement.

To explore your options for perimeter security, fill out the callback form below and one of our skilled team of security specialists will respond as soon as possible. SafeSite Facilities delivers nationwide and our barbed wire products are available for both rental and purchase.

Looking for a permanent anti-climb solution which will deter even the most ambitious intruders? We also stock and install razor wire and rotator spikes.

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