A deterrent against intrusion that follows through as an effective physical barrier, these anti-climb rotator spikes promise would-be climbers an uncomfortable trip to the summit and provide no safe foot- or hand-holds.

Even the toughest perimeter fence is useless if thieves and vandals can simply climb over it – a set of anti-climb spikes are enough to deter ambitious intruders, ensuring that whatever you keep on your site or compound overnight will be there when you return. Using galvanised steel, this anti-climbing system is also built to withstand years of exposure to the elements. Optionally, the product can be powder-coloured to match your existing fence or company livery.

With a wide range of customisation options, order today from SafeSite Facilities, specialists in site security. We deliver nationwide and offer rotator spikes for both purchase and rental – with a full installation service available to ensure that your property is quickly and conveniently secured. We offer quotation entirely free of charge and with no obligation to purchase – just fill in the form below to request a call-back or ask a question.

In addition to the colouring service, we stock several different designs adapted to various security scenarios.  These anti-climb rotator spikes can be used in conjunction with many of the products in our security fencing section to provide a truly comprehensive perimeter.

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