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The Bison 800 is proving a valuable addition to our line up of traffic safety solutions.

The Bison 800 is a scaled down version of the original Bison which stands at 2m high and is slightly wider. The Bison 800 is rising to popularity because it’s lighter and easier to move but weighs the same when full (400kg). The Bison 800 measures 800mm high x 2m long and 350mm wide (deep) thus creating the perfect mid-range barrier.

Here are 10 other reasons why you should consider choosing Bison 800 Barriers for traffic management on your site:

  1. Chapter 8 Compliance – One of the standout features of Bison 800 Barriers is the inclusion of a red and white chevron reflective strip, which adheres to Chapter 8 standards. These standards are a crucial part of the official red book of highway codes and regulations outlined in the Traffic Signs Manual by the Department for Transport. This ensures safe traffic direction for both pedestrians and vehicle users. These barriers are available in standard red or white options.
  2. Versatility – The barrier is designed to pivot 90 degrees, allowing for easy installation in right angle bends and corners. Unlike other barriers on the market, no additional attachments are needed.
  3. Easy to stack – What sets the Bison 800 Barrier apart is its innovative stacking design. The bottom forklift slots double as interlocking grooves, enabling seamless stacking. Up to nine barriers can fit on a double pallet, while an impressive 108 barriers can be accommodated on an artic lorry.
  4. Compatible with mesh fence – Enhancing perimeter protection is a breeze with the integration of mesh fencing and hoarding panels. These panels can be easily slotted into the Bison 800 Barrier without any extra parts required. They not only bolster security but also offer a platform for corporate branding, site signage, and safety information.
  5. Compatible with gates – Access control gets a boost with the option to integrate pedestrian and vehicle gates. Crafted from durable galvanized steel, these weather-proof gates can withstand outdoor conditions. They attach securely to the Bison 800 Barrier using heavy-duty couplers, with added stability from thermoplastic rubber feet.
  6. Manageable size – Managing the Bison 800 Barriers is a breeze due to their manageable size and weight (21kg when empty). Despite their ease of positioning and configuration, they offer a robust safety solution once filled with water.
  7. Easy to fill and drain – Simply open the cap at the top of the barrier and fill with water. When it’s time for the barriers to be relocated, release the bung at the bottom of the barrier for the water to be released.
  8. Wind resistant – The Bison 800 Barrier, when water-filled, provides excellent wind resistance when combined with fencing or hoarding panels. Unlike standalone temporary solutions, it offers steadfast support. In fact, it can withstand winds of up to 73mph as a standalone unit, or up to 63mph with a mesh fence panel attached.
  9. Customised colour options – To suit corporate preferences, Bison 800 Barriers offer customizable paint schemes and personalized livery options for the fencing and hoarding panels.
  10. Sustainability – The Bison 800 Barriers are crafted from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) can be used time and time again and are fully recyclable.

At SafeSite Facilities, we specialize in delivering a range of site safety and security solutions to the building and construction sector. Visit our waterfilled barrier section to explore our full spectrum of products and services.

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