The Road Runner Self-Weighted Barrier offers a speedy, safe and extremely robust way to create temporary flow paths, barriers and delineation systems. One of its special features is a design which allows easy transportation for installation or removal, yet offers extremely robust protection against high impact.

Key features:

  • Robust construction to withstand high impact
  • No water or sand ballast required
  • Ergonomic design
  • Relatively lightweight, with wheels for easy movement by one person
  • Non-permanent fixing
  • Interlocking design
  • Fork lift slots in base
  • Speedy installation, assembly and repositioning
  • Available for sale or hire
  • UK nationwide delivery

Barrier units:

Manufactured from Virgin LLDPE (top) and recycled PVC (base) and with an ergonomic design which allows easy transportation, installation and storage, Road Runner units are self-weighted, so there’s no need for secondary filling of water or sand. A fully moulded interlocking pin on the barrier tail connects with the underside of any adjacent barrier unit, to create lanes.

Unit specifications:

  • Length:  1.1m
  • Height:  0.6m
  • Base width: 0.36m
  • Base unit (self-weighted): 21kg
  • Total unit weight: 22kg

Units are available with highly visible top section colours of white or red and base section in black as standard.

Safety tested

SafeSite’s Road Runner self-weighted barriers are fully compliant with BS 8442:2006. Wind resistance was tested at Mira’s Full scale Wind Tunnel and self-weighted units withstood up to 36 mph without additional ballast.

With additional ballast weights of 10kg and 50kg, the barriers demonstrated wind resistance of 49 mph and 68 mph respectively.

Convenient portability and storage

With their innovative ‘hidden’ wheels design, each barrier can be easily moved once tilted sufficiently to allow the wheels to work. This happens only if the barrier is tilted – something which is impossible when the barriers are interlocked.

Road Runner units are designed to be stacked when in storage, and can be stacked up to 10 high.

Cost effective in a range of contexts

Made in the UK from 92% recycled materials (by weight) and with single person portability, Road Runner barriers offer a cost-effective option for many construction, traffic flow and pedestrian control contexts, including use as a barrier for:

  • Events
  • Traffic flow
  • Pedestrian safety and control
  • Indoor and outdoor car parks
  • Travel terminals – rail, road vehicle and airport

Units can be purchased or hired – please call us direct for a no-obligation quote, which includes nationwide UK delivery.

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