Lightweight, cost-effective and solid, chain link fencing is wholly less visually hostile than many other types of security fencing – this is reflected in its use at playgrounds and tennis courts, where making people welcome inside is just as important as keeping trespassers outside.

Simple but highly customisable, chain link fencing is available from 0.9 metres up to 3.6 metres in height – the highest fences being a substantial deterrent to trespassers without the need for additional anti-climb features. The chain link arrangement is exceptionally rigid, and with the option of thicker wire diameters and a choice of in-the-ground and bolt-down systems, you’ll be able to find the precise balance of security and aesthetics most appropriate for your site.

Unsure of whether you need PVC coated wire or galvanised steel? Need a trustworthy team with over 25 years of experience to manage installation anywhere in the UK? SafeSite Facilities are specialists in all aspects of security fencing supply and installation. To engage our expertise, just provide your details in the form below, and we’ll arrange a callback for you as soon as possible.

We also provide vehicle and pedestrian gates to ensure easy access to your land. Looking for something a little less inviting? Browse our full security fencing range.


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