AKA: Temporary Noise Barrier

When you need to create long stretches of acoustic fencing fast, the H8 acoustic Echo Barrier is the ideal option.

At 3.5 metres, an H8 barrier is about three times the length of our standard product – yet it’s still lightweight at just 9kg. It’s also waterproof, weatherproof, fire resistant, and has a five-year lifespan.

The Echo Barrier H8 is a temporary portable acoustic barrier that has been designed to fit on one standard 3.5m (12ft) fence panel making it ideal to cover large areas quickly.

It has a very good noise reduction and absorption. It is lightweight, durable and water, fire and temperature resistant, meeting the following standards: Water resistant: BSEN 60529:1992 IPX9, Fire resistant: BS 7837-1996 & Cold resistant: BSEN 60068/2/1:2007.

H8 acoustic barriers’ long dimensions speed up installation. But because they’re lightweight, it takes just one person to handle each barrier.

So your team can hang a long stretch of H8 units around 70% faster than any other barrier on the market.

The H8 acoustic barrier has been scientifically developed to give maximum noise reduction performance in all weathers. In fact, our British Standard certification confirms that they’re weatherproof and waterproof.

The H8 temporary noise reduction barriers give you maximum sound control in very high temperatures. Their hi-tech, fire-resistant membrane makes them effective, and safe to use, in these extreme conditions.

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