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Safe and sound: Acoustic barriers keep you compliant


In modern 21st-century Britain, noise pollution has become a prevalent issue. It can adversely impact the well-being of individuals and communities. Exposure to loud sounds from construction sites, transportation hubs, and outdoor events has detrimental effects on physical and mental health.

Additionally, excessive noise can lead to neighbourhood complaints, legal challenges, and disruptions to progress on various projects. To address these concerns, businesses must adhere to noise regulations to ensure compliance. Acoustic barriers offer an effective solution for mitigating noise pollution and maintaining regulatory compliance.

The Impact of Noise Pollution
Acoustic barriers in action at night with a road vehicle

Noise pollution poses a significant threat to public health, resulting in increased stress, anxiety, elevated blood pressure, and even heart disease. Communities affected by excessive noise levels often file complaints and legal actions, which can hinder construction projects and other noise-generating activities. To strike a balance between economic development and a peaceful living environment, laws and regulations have been implemented. These allow the control of noise pollution and protect public well-being.

Regulations Governing Noise Pollution

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 is the primary UK legislation outlining the legal requirements for employers to protect workers from high noise levels. This regulation also extends to construction sites where noise levels frequently exceed recommended limits. Additionally, the Environmental Protection Act 1990 empowers local authorities to address noise pollution issues by issuing abatement notices to businesses or individuals responsible for excessive noise. Failure to comply with these notices can lead to legal proceedings and fines.

The Role of Acoustic Barriers

One of the most practical solutions for mitigating noise pollution is the use of acoustic barriers. These barriers are specifically designed to reduce and absorb excessive noise. They can ensure compliance with noise regulations and minimise disruptions to nearby communities. SafeSite Facilities, a reputable provider of site security solutions and equipment, offer a range of acoustic barriers tailored to various noise control needs. These barriers are lightweight, portable, and made of durable, waterproof and fire resistant materials also capable of withstanding sub zero temperatures. Their ease of installation and relocation enable quick adaptation as work progresses.

SafeSite Facilities’ Acoustic Barriers

SafeSite Facilities’ acoustic barriers are lab-tested, industry-endorsed, and environmentally friendly. With a five-year UV resistance and durable weatherproof construction, these barriers ensure longevity and effectiveness. Approximately 70% of the barrier’s components are made from recycled materials, reflecting SafeSite’s commitment to reducing environmental impact. The company offers three distinct models:

  • Echo Barrier H4: Designed for heavy-duty applications, the H4 boasts a noise reduction rating of up to 40 dB. Its high-density noise-absorbing core encased in a weatherproof PVC outer layer provides outstanding noise mitigation. Weighing only 7kg, it adheres to BSI codes for water, fire, and cold resistance.
  • Echo Barrier H8: Offering the highest level of noise reduction, the H8 provides up to 43 dB of sound attenuation. Engineered to fit a regular 3.5m (12ft) fence, it is perfect for large sites. With a composite core comprising noise-absorbing foam, fibrous layers, and mass-loaded vinyl, optimal sound absorption is guaranteed. Weighing only 9kg, the H8 allows for quick installation.
  • Echo Barrier H9: The Echo H9 acoustic barrier is another premium product from the award-winning ‘H’ range of temporary noise reduction solutions. The barriers only weigh 5.3kg each, which makes them extremely easily to hang on fences, hoardings and walls.      It offers outstanding all-round performance, complementing exceptional noise absorption and reduction with portability, flexibility, durability and adaptability. Impressively resistant to water and to extremes of temperature, the Echo Barrier H9 rises to a multitude of challenges, such as those posed by humid environments and highly stringent fire regulations.

ASTM E84 tests for flame spread and smoke development indicate its suitability for projects subject to highly stringent fire regulations.

Benefits of Compliance and Using Acoustic Barriers

Businesses that neglect noise regulations face financial and operational difficulties, including legal disputes and fines that disproportionately burden smaller companies.

Project delays due to noise concerns can result in increased expenses from extended equipment rentals and labour costs. It may also cause penalties for missed deadlines therefore affecting suppliers, subcontractors, and other stakeholders.

For further details on how SafeSite Facilities can provide your site with modern acoustic sound barriers, contact their specialists today.

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