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Heras Fencing Accessories – Your Complete Guide

One of the reasons HERAS temporary fencing regularly appears on construction sites and event venues across the UK is the fact it’s so versatile. The comprehensive range of possible deployment options for HERAS fencing systems can also be further extended by utilising items from the range of HERAS-compatible accessories.

All of which makes HERAS systems one of the UK’s go-to temporary fencing systems for almost every type of terrain and situation, but of course it helps to know why you might need to customise your system to fit your needs – and what these accessories offer for increasing those fit-for-purpose options:

Fencing panel stabilisers (backstays)

Stabiliser with foot support (2)

  • BECAUSE temporary fencing panels sometimes need additional support, particularly on sloping areas, uneven terrains and areas of high wind – all of which might mean extra stability is crucial. Fencing panel stablisers are also essential when additional security is needed, making interference and removal of the temporary fencing far more difficult. Fencing security is enhanced by using backstays in conjunction with other anti-tamper devices, such as anti-lift brackets and anti-tamper fence couplers.
  • THROUGH a galvanised steel construction, fencing panel stablisers offer a highly durable and long life expectancy, even when used directly at ground level. Backstays are angled into position, with each baseplate placed on the ground, before being bolted directly into the ground with ground pins. Alternatively, a rubber foot might be used to brace into position. Stabilisers join the fence panel at 1485 mm and are secured between two adjacent panels by a coupler. Using anti-tamper couplers means that security, as well as stability, is enhanced.

Stabilising ground pins

Ground Pin 1

  • BECAUSE stability of fencing panels is an essential for both security and safety, but in some environments the risk of tripping needs to be additionally reduced. Pinning systems for backstays and stabilising support bars sometimes also need additional support, to enhance stability and reliability.
  • THROUGH a specialist design, ground pins offer both additional stability and compatibility with stabiliser systems, but with less tip-hazard than ballast trays weighted with rubber feet. The pin design includes a tapered end for easy ground-breaking and just two are required per stabilising support bar. The galvanised steel construction of the design allows repeated use and robust performance.

Stabilising ballast trays

Stabiliser with Ballast Tray

  • BECAUSE some terrains, such as very hard ground, offer additional risks which can undermine the stability of even the most robust systems. Unstable barrier systems present the risk of injury to people and animals, as well as the potential to damage property, vehicles and equipment, in the event of the fencing toppling.
  • THROUGH their durable galvanised steel construction and design, stabilising ballast trays provide additional security and stability to temporary fencing systems. An alternative to securing standard stabilising support bars, ballast trays can be used along with additional ballast such as concrete. Trays are simple to install, being secured at the bottom to a stabilising support bar, which is attached between the tray and temporary feet blocks. The weights of two temporary fencing feet can then be used to weigh the tray down, or for long-term stability, concrete may be used.

Thermoplastic rubber feet

3.5m Pedestrian barriers

  • BECAUSE additional stability across many types of terrain and enhanced visibility are frequently required to minimise risk in busy or poor visibility areas.
  • THROUGH a recycled rubber construction and a durable, fully compatible design, thermoplastic rubber feet for fence panels extend the options for optimising use of HERAS temporary barrier and hoarding systems. The foot weight of 18kg offers enhanced stability and the range of high visibility colours allows for enhanced visibility and reduces trip risk at events.

Anti-lift brackets

  • BECAUSE some terrains make it difficult to ensure security, even when using HERAS fencing. Anti-lift devices offer added protection against opportunist thieves and vandals who target construction sites and vacant properties, or determined event-goers want to try their luck at entering without paying.
  • THROUGH use in conjunction with rubber feet, anti-lift brackets literally prevent fence panels from being lifted. Constructed from galvanised steel for robust service and both weather and tamper resistance, each bracket is designed so that its lower end fits beneath the rubber foot and the upper part hooks onto the fencing coupler, to preventing opportunistic lifting of fences.

Debris netting

Debris netting fence

  • BECAUSE dust and debris presents a hazard to construction workers and the public alike. However, whilst on-site workers have the protection of PPE, passing pedestrians and members of the public may find themselves at risk from dust and debris, particularly if the construction site is close to a public highway, footpath, local amenity or private business. The health and safety issues arising from dust and debris moving into public areas can cause council intervention, temporary halting of work and even liability claims against construction companies.
  • THROUGH a close-weave construction which constrains dust particles and debris alike, debris netting can be used on both HERAS barriers and scaffolding to provide protective dust screening. Debris netting is multipurpose as it’s also fire retardant and can also provide effective screening and protection for onsite workers, equipment and property. Available in a range of colours for high visibility or gentle camouflage to help reduce visual impact of site, debris netting is available in 50m x 2m rolls, making it easy to store, transport and install.

Anti-tamper fence couplers

Anti-Tamper Spanner

  • BECAUSE even with secure fencing such as HERAS there are some occasions when additional security of the anti-tamper fence coupler kind is required.
  • THROUGH a galvanised steel construction incorporating an anti-tamper screw design which requires a specialist tool for removal, anti-tamper couplers provide additional strength and a tighter connection between panels, for additional security. These couplers do not involve any additional work at the installation stage but offer enhanced security against removal.

Noise barriers

  • BECAUSE noise nuisance can be disruptive to neighbourhoods as well as distracting to passers-by and other workers. Complaints about noise from sites often results in council intervention and can even interrupt or halt schedules. Minimising noise from events also increases everyone’s ability to enjoy the event, especially those local to it! Noise barriers provide welcome relief for site workers and neighbours alike.
  • THROUGH a design which incorporates high-tech sound-absorbing fibres, the Heras Noise Control Barrier is a specifically designed, robust fabric panel which absorbs up to 20dB of sound, significantly reducing acoustic transfer and noise nuisance. Noise barrier panels are both lightweight and quick to install in conjunction with HERAS barriers and can also be fitted to scaffolding, affording both sound and dust protection. Despite being full sized, panels fold easily to allow space-saving storage and easy movement.

These HERAS fencing accessories are available to hire or buy from SafeSite Facilities, with some items in permanent stock so you can be sure of getting what you need quickly. Contact our team for further information, including delivery and installation services.

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