The robust footing for Heras temporary fencing, our thermoplastic rubber feet are fully moulded and safety compliant for securing a range of safety panels.

Key features

  • Recycled rubber and plastic construction
  • Strong and durable
  • Robust 18kg weight
  • Hi-vis options
  • Compatible with SafeSite temporary hoarding and fencing systems
  • Always in stock
  • Available for hire and purchase
  • UK-wide delivery

Each unit

Each rubber foot unit measures 770 mm (length) x 203 mm (width) x 122 mm (height) and weighs approximately 18kg.

Units are available in a range of high-visibility colours, essential for a range of temporary fencing applications and hazard protection systems.

Safety tested

The longer shape and moulded design of SafeSite Thermoplastic Rubber Feet allows security and stability, offering up to twice the stability of concrete feet, when supporting up to double the weight. Feet are also fully compliant with safety regulations.

Versatile and portable

The moulded design of these rubber feet also facilitates space-saving storage and stacking, to help minimise storage and transportation costs, as well as to make transportation between sites as easy and cost-effective as possible. Because these feet do not require permanent fixing, they also facilitate fast installation, dismantling and repositioning as required for a range of situations including:

  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • Maintenance sites
  • Temporary barriers

Environmentally sound

The recycled materials within SafeSite Facilities’ Thermosplastic Rubber Feet offer green credentials for environmentally-conscious construction. Additionally, the moulded design means no footing debris, such as concrete debris, is left behind after dismantling, leaving for cleaner, safer working environments.

UK-wide availability

Our recycled rubber feet are available for hire or purchase, with delivery and availability from SafeSite across the UK. We’re also happy to offer advice and free quotations upon request.

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