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Comparing Heras, Palisade, Guardsman and Chain Link Fencing

Temporary Heras Fencing, Palisade, Guardsman and chain link fencing are all great examples of good-to-go fencing, ideal for a range of situations and locations. But whilst they are all efficient as short or longer-term fencing solutions, each type can be more suitable for particular purposes than their counterparts.

Temporary Heras Fencing

Temporary heras fencing gate

Heras fencing is one of the UK’s favourites, and with good reason. Available in standard, heavy duty and anti-climb designs, Heras is the ideal temporary fencing solution when security is needed quickly and particularly for the short term, as:

  • Temporary security for interim construction sites, such as during renovations and building works.
  • The addition of vehicle and pedestrian gates, compatible with Heras fencing and hoarding, means that access points can be incorporated into temporary construction site perimeters. This ensures that access can be limited and monitored and allows security to be maximised.
  • Heavy duty options include additional reinforcement, to maximise durability in extreme locations.
    All Heras fencing incorporates a close anti-climb mesh, a visible and practical deterrent to attempted trespass. This allows an additional level of safety on all sides of the barrier, but makes Heras fencing particularly suitable for deployment to keep public safely away from construction sites or environmental hazards.
  • This close weave mesh is also fully galvanised, for durable performance in all weather conditions, with proven wind resistance.

Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing in situ

Constructed from high quality steel, Palisade fencing is often easily recognised by its formidable steel uprights and spiked tops. In fact, these spiked tops are just one of the Palisade design options available, but all include those vertical bars which are virtually impossible to climb, creating a highly visible and efficient fencing option against trespass. Palisade fencing is particularly suitable:

  • For security, as the spiked top design offers a more visible deterrent. This is ideally suited to boundary security at commercial premises, warehouses and industrial or vehicular yards.
  • As a highly visible deterrent against climbing, Palisade fencing also represents the optimum in safety boundary demarcation where there is risk on the other side of the fence, such as from a ravine, road or railway line.
  • For residential areas, the alternative designs of rounded top and choice of powder coating colours are also available. This design allows the robust security of palisades to be visibly appealing in a residential or parkland setting, whilst still offering optimum security.
  • For high wind areas, as the open slots between palisade uprights allow wind to pass without threat to the stability of the fencing.
  • For most types of most construction, commercial and residential boundary demarcation and security requirements, as the Palisade fencing range offers adaptable heights.
  • For maximised security as anti-vandal fixtures are fitted as standard, so that fencing cannot be interfered with.
  • For sites where privacy, boundary security and safety against trespass is additionally desirable, additional security extensions for Palisade fencing are available. These extensions allow for the addition of anti-intruder devices such as razor wire.

Guardsman Fence Systems

Guardsman security fence

Guardsman fencing is a system which literally lives up to its name and is an example of security fencing at its best and effective in a wide range of situations:

  • With a combination of robust construction but pleasing appearance, Guardsman fencing is ideal for security in public areas, such as retail, recreational and industrial areas.
  • Where trespass prevention is required, the vertical bar system offers anti-climb design but for additional security some of the Guardsman system designs include spiked tops. Where these might pose a risk or are not aesthetically appealing, rounded tops are also available, so that security without visual hostility can be assured.
  • Where a permanent fencing solution is required, Guardsman fencing systems offer extremely robust installation, as these are designed to be dug into the ground before being bolted firmly down.
  • Access gates for pedestrians and vehicles can also be incorporated into runs of fencing, ideal for access by day but security by night. This makes Guardsman systems particularly useful for car park or vehicular security and working yard boundaries.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Fencing

An extremely popular fence system found across the UK, chain link fencing can be installed temporarily with ground-spiked posts or by using concrete fence posts to afford additional stability and permanence. Chain link fencing offers the ideal perimeter option as:

  • An evident barrier, but without the visible hostility from the spiked tops of some Palisade and Guardsman designs, which is why chain link is often used for playgrounds and for securing pets or animals. Additionally, the subtle ‘give’ of chain link fencing also reduces risk of injury if falling against or accidentally running into the fence, another reason why it is popular for securing playgrounds and sports fields.
  • The galvanised or PVC coated options for chain link fencing are both highly durable and weather resistant, so chain link can be ideal for locations prone to extreme weather. The fact that chain link fencing is also available as a bolted down system means it is also suitable for high wind locations.
    Chain link fencing provides a lightweight option for speedy deployment, but the choice of wire diameters – from 2.00 mm to 5.00 mm – means chain link is also suitable for meeting various levels of security needs.
  • An optimum choice for securing particularly high boundaries, as chain link is available in a huge range of heights – from 900 mm to 3600 mm. This means that areas can be quickly secured well beyond climbing height.
  • Where access will be required within the boundary, chain link fencing is fully adaptable for incorporating pedestrian or vehicle gates to allow authorised access and access monitoring. This adaptability for access makes chain link fencing an ideal temporary fencing for work sites.

With such a good range of fencing alternatives available from SafeSite, all with free delivery and hire or purchase options, the best-fit security solution can certainly be found. For further advice and enquiries, please contact SafeSite.

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