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Hoarding with Anti Climb Paint – Eastbourne

The Brief:

A client of ours in Eastbourne asked us to secure an old pumping stations that was derelict. They wanted a fast installation and in particular they wanted to prevent trespassers from scaling any barriers as the site is potentially hazardous.


The Solution:

As the site is reasonably small, timber hoarding was good solution as it can be easily cut to size, it can be erected quickly and it also does not offer any footholds, thus making climbing difficult

Timber hoarding security

The Outcome:

We installed the timber hoarding in a day and also painted the top 600mm with anti-climb paint, which leaves the surface greasy and slippery, and will also mark clothing if someone tries to climb over it. We always use a string line and tape when painting to give a nice straight line because even through the main priority is security, we appreciate that aesthetics are important also.


In the Future:

The client was happy with the works, but are not planning any additional measures at this time.

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