Dug-in timber hoarding is a common sight around construction sites, providing total privacy, security and safety for both workers and the general public. At 2.4 metres tall, it’s difficult to climb and available in a range of thicknesses to ensure maximum integrity.

A dug-in foundation for your hoarding ensures a perimeter that stays standing in any weather and prevents entry via vandalism. This may not be the quickest or easiest type of hoarding to deploy, but it’s often the most robust choice for long-term sites with the option to dig-in. The case for dug-in timber hoarding is helped too by customisation options, with plenty of choices for colour and perimeter shape.

As experts in site security, the Safe Site Facilities team have over 25 years of experience with this and similar types of hoarding. We understand the technical intricacies of building a construction site perimeter and can perform a full site survey, taking into account factors like wind loading and length of project to provide the perfect solution. We offer delivery and installation of all our products – find out more by providing your details in the callback form below.

Working a site where digging in isn’t an option? Consider our lightweight free-standing timber hoarding, or our water-filled option.

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Great job in short space of time
Date Published: 17/05/2019

I would like to say a big thank you to Safesite Facilities, they responded very quickly and managed to install 260 metres of dug in timber hoarding in just a few days. Our customer was extremely pleased with the result

5 / 5 stars
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