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Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower at Construction Site – Kent

The Brief

Our client needed CCTV protection on their current site on the Kent boarder. The site would be left at evenings and weekends where their valuable machinery would be vulnerable. The site had no power, our team needed to provide a solution whereby the site could be monitored remotely by the client and by our monitoring service. All possible entry points of the site needed to be covered.


The Solution:

Our expert team went out to view the site and conduct a survey, which then told us the best course of action to use. The site had no power, and it was proving to be a long-term hire. So, we provided a service that runs on its own power; reducing fuel costs yet still has full HD quality as if mains were connected.

Mobile lighting tower at construction site


The Outcome:

All access points to the site were covered and the cameras angled as necessary. Our client received his personal login so he could access the live cameras at any time; as well as being monitored by our operatives. The tower acted as a visual deterrent from potential criminals and the site was safe.


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