Here at SafeSite Facilities you will find a wide range of 24 hour CCTV, day and infrared night surveillance cameras. As highly reputed security experts with more than 25 years’ experience, you can trust us to protect your vulnerable construction site or vacant property from unwanted visitors.


While the presence of security cameras is often enough to deter the vast majority of would-be thieves and vandals, you will have access to the video evidence required for successful prosecution should trespassers ever infiltrate your site. Not only are our CCTV cameras a more cost-effective security solution than man guarding, but you can also access live footage around the clock remotely via the internet should you ever wish to. We offer both static and PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) cameras, both of which are installed using anti-climb measures to prevent any attempts of tampering.

Our CCTV systems have the option of a full P.A. system, allowing you to broadcast loud warning messages which are proven to be highly effective at deterring and removing trespassers.

Need help choosing surveillance cameras or other security solutions for your site, or seeking a no obligation quote? Simply contact our knowledgeable and friendly team of experts today to discuss your requirements.

We cover the whole of the UK including (but not limited to) the list below