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Closeboard Fencing & Vehicle Gate – East London

The Brief:

One of our most regular customers is managing a site in Waltham Cross, East London, which is due to be vacant for over a year. They didn’t however want the site to look vacant as this can attract trespassers, vandals and thieves. They wanted the site securing, but for a cost equivalent to using timber site hoarding.

The Solution:

Closeboard fencing was the best option as this is an attractive fencing that gives the impression the site is occupied. If Heras fencing or timber site hoarding was used, it would be obvious that the site was under-construction and most likely vacant, at least in the evenings.

Closeboard Fencing
Closeboard Fencing Gate

The Outcome:

Over a period of a week, 75m of closeboard fencing was erected around the perimeter of the site and a large vehicle gate was added for easy access.

The customer was very happy with the work completed.

Closeboard Fencing Corner
Closeboard Fencing Large Gate

In the Future:

Numerous additional jobs have been lined up for this client over the coming year, for sites all over the country.

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