The 2000 barrier is a low containment water filled barrier system designed specifically for directional purposes. Designed with a patented 5 position interlocking system, the 2000 barrier can be positioned in straight lines across uneven surfaces, and will flow smoothly around bends and corners.

2000 barriers are manufactured from prime polythene, being lightweight for ease of transportation and installation. Weighing only 35 kg when empty, each barrier will increase to a weight of 400kg when water filled.

The 2000 Barrier system is supplied in alternate red and white as standard, being a very visible sign of danger. Front and end stops can be provided to prevent trip hazards; a must when installing barriers specifically to direct pedestrians.

The 2000 water filled barrier system is a far safer and superior alternative to standard traffic cones, providing increased safety to both public and your workforce. Unlike traditional traffic cones, when filled the barriers cannot easily be moved by either the vandals or the UK weather. The 2000 Barrier system has been MIRA wind tested to ensure that it will not fall foul to the elements; just three 2000 Barriers water filled to the recommended fill line were able to withstand wind speeds up to 71 mph.

Each barrier measures 2 metres end to end, providing a ground coverage of 1.68m. The base width is just 0.4m ensuring it does not extend to far into either your site or the roadway, and each barrier measures 1 metre high. For additional security, either hoarding or mesh panels can be added to the 2000 barrier system, potentially increasing the overall height of your barrier to 2.1 metres. Additional safety lights may be mounted onto the 2000 water filled barrier system to ensure top level visibility at any time of night or day.

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